Your Weekend Agenda: 16-18 February

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So you stuffed your face on Pancake Day, and then attempted to stuff your gaping hole of loneliness on Valentines day - it's been quite a week for you. You sure you want go out this weekend? You can stay at home, watch Kids Baking Championship on Netflix, and eat a tub of hummus for dinner. Oh, you still want to venture outside? Ok fine.
Friday 16th
#1 Go for some classy Mumbai munch
Bombay Bustle is turning your colloquial curry affair up to a 10: set in a swanky swank palace inspired by the railways of Mumbai, and helmed by Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai, this is on the far end of the 'dining experiences' scale. Toss down curries, tandoors, biryanis and all the tasty breads you can get your mitts on.
#2 Put some culture in your cocktails
Coupette is the kind of bar that makes you feel nostalgic for an unknown time and place - a French-influenced drinking hole that serves up no-nonsense, expertly-mixed cocktails to thirsty night flyers. Pull up to its sleek bar and order yourself a First Things First - a whisky based zinger with dry vermouth and a hint of fruitiness. You deserve it, kiddo.
#3 Dabble in death
If all the luvvy-duvvy shit this time of year makes you want to sacrifice a virgin and drink their blood, then you might be a good candidate for the Nature Morte Late at Guildhall Art Gallery. All manner of the macabre will be explored - from ethical taxidermy, to a death drawing session, to a death-inspired tote-making workshop. Cute!
Saturday 17th
#4 Celebrate Chinese New Year
The Gregorian New Year is always a huge let-down that usually ends in us hunched over our parent's toilet, rueing the sloppy midnight kiss we had with a person we've seen in braces. Luckily, we get a do-over with Chinese New Year, and we're going big at Ling Ling's Karaoke supper club - big tunes, big Chinese flavours, big fun. Don't you deserve a second chance, too?
In partnership with Converse
#5 Spend a night in a hotel
Converse have taken over the entirety of a Shoreditch townhouse for a wild, two-day pop up hotel, with 5 floors of the freshest sounds, street-wear & sneakers. Each floor is packed with uniquely designed rooms and spaces curated by the likes of Yung Lean, A$AP Nast, The Basement & more, all featuring something worth scoping. When the day is done, slink down to the basement for late night debauchery with Princess Nokia, Slowthai and IAMDDB.
#6 Go for a global boogie
Good Block has consistently been supplying good vibes and good tunes to London revellers for a time now - their eclectic catalogue spans South African kwaito, Japanese pop, tectonic house and a bunch of other obscure genres you pretend to be into. They're partnering up with similarly global-minded party starters Social Joy for a night of leftfield debauchery.
Sunday 18th
#7 Have a wholesome Sunday
Give your soul a nice cleanse at Xylem + Phloem this Sunday. They're serving up virginal vibes with the wellness trifecta: yoga, brunch, and ceramics. Wow, we feel purer just thinking about it. The day begins with an hour-and-a-half of yoga and mediation, followed by a nourishing brunch and ceramics session. It's more wholesome than a puppy and a cat who have become best friends and go on whimsical adventures together.
#8 Peep some psychedelic art
Get to know Eddie Peake: this London golden boy has long been trolling the art scene with his exhibitionist performances (including a naked five-a-side football match at the Royal Academy). In his solo show at White Cube, Peake engages with less ephemeral mediums (sculpture and painting) to convey the same culture-conscious sensibility and unwavering allegiance to irony. Like, the whole exhibition is awash in millennial pink. Hero.
#9 See it before everyone else
Ah, the pure, unadulterated smugness of having seen something before your friends. It's a feeling that can't be rivalled. Get ahead of the curve at this preview screening of Everything Beautiful is Far Away, a quirky sci-fi romance that's been tickling critics on the festival circuit. It follows a young girl, stranded on an alien planet, who's on a quest to find a body of water. She meets a comic and his girlfriend - a dismembered robot head that he carries around - who agree to help her. Sounds bonkers, and we're into it.
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