Your Weekend Agenda: 13-15 October

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It's the weekend, baby. Time to loosen that tie and unleash the hurricane. They think you're Mr./Ms./Mx. Corporate, buttoned up and tightly clenched. Monday to Friday, you're all 'yes boss' this and 'right away, corporate overlords' that; but come Friday, you're a fun cyclone ripping through the streets of London, looking for your next hit. We salute you, weekend warriors.
Friday 13th
#1 Bag some BBQ
This futuristic new BBQ resto is on a serious sci-fi tip, boasting domed hot plates built into each table so you can watch as meats are cooked to perfection and then kept warm as you leisurely pick away. And speaking of the meats, they are seriously juicy - marinated pork belly, wagyu beef, and a variety of seafoods to keep tongues wagging and tummies happy.
#2 Guzzle some grapes
We're all about the natural wine revolution. Sulphates can basically get bent, in our humble opinion. Newcomer Wines have long been on the front lines of the insurgency, and have recently gone and opened a snug little shop in Dalston. Featuring a walled garden in the back, tasting evenings, cheese boards, cured meats, and a hefty selection of mostly-Austrian wines, this is the perfect spot to perch up for an evening and get pleasantly pickled.
#3 Get lost in the dark
Enter the subterranean disco dungeon of Corsica Studios and lose your mind to some seriously mind-warping music this Fri-night. These are sounds made to invade a pulsing basement, filled with hazy shapes and howling lights, thick with the smell of sweaty bodies and impending doom. It's the end of the world, and it's happening tonight.
Saturday 14th
#4 Meditate on the mundane
Everyday life is hard. One minute you're striking off items on your to-do list with furious vigour, the next you're crumbled on your lumpy couch, sobbing subtly as you flick through photos of Yorkies on Google Images. London-based artists Cristina BanBan and Dominic Dispirito have made a bunch of cutting, poignant, and hilarious paintings that satirise consumerism, digital culture, and the day-to-day struggle of simply doing life.
#5 Have a midday boogie
All of Hackney's movers and shakers will be congregating at the second edition of Hackney Wonderland, a daylong, indie-focused festival featuring bands from far and wide making infectious sounds you can shake a leg to. Heading it all up will be Aussie psych dance capers Jagwar Ma and frenetic noise rock cool kids Bo Ningen. Convinced yet? You should be.
#6 Lap up some Levantine flavours
Oded Oren cut his teeth in Tel Aviv before coming our ways recently, and he's been making a splash with his tongue-tickling Middle Eastern flavours. You can find him these days in the basement of Borough Wines, strutting his shit with five courses of Levantine deliciousness - we're talking some serious stuff like burnt beets with soured cream, warm crispy sea bass salad with smoked tomatoes, spiced beef cheek with roasted freekeh and other such delectable delights.
Sunday 15th
#7 Go for a promenade in the park
This overachieving park has got it all: looks, charm, and activities to boot. You want to play netball? You got it. Tennis? Fuck yeah. Hungry? There's a cafe on site. You want to stomp around a model village pretending you're a giant? You better believe you can do that here. So many options, so many activities - where else do you need to be on a mildly sunny afternoon?
#8 Bend the rules
We're calling it now: the mainstream is lamestream. Yeah, we like to be a little controversial at Dojo. You know who else likes to be controversial? The artists featured in this unruly exhibition at Saatchi. These are iconoclasts, renegade artists making work that sticks a big finger up at the conventional. Expect total anarchy: images of branded skin, embroidered portraits and sculptures made out of crow feathers, and more art that challenges social mores in a big way.
In partnership with Tanqueray
#9 Have a tipple on a terrace
Reap the wealth of this sleek bar/resto smack dab on Clapham Common. The airy, modern interiors are a dream, and the ample outdoor Tanqueray terrace makes for an ideal spot to soak up some rays while you sip on a zesty cocktail. Slap on some aspirational SPF and sunnies, it's still summer if we say so.
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