World Cup Watching: Big Screens

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How many times can you listen to Three Lions on repeat until you get tired of it? Well, it's definitely not 32. If anyone has any answers, email in.
Footie publication Mundial present an Old Truman Brewery special: every game, exhibitions, beers, merch and the chance to network with footie related brands if you so wish. Keep your eyes peeled for quizzes, Fifa tournaments and live music too.
Peckham's busiest arch/bar/pizzeria is getting a little football feverish as they turn one of their arches into a place to watch big games. They've got an 8ft screen and will definitely be showing the England games and perhaps some others too. Limited space, unreserved seating - yep this one is going to get full quick, but their happy hour between 6pm-7pm should sweeten the deal.
Classic Football Shirts are a company doing a nice bit of business quenching the explosion in thirst for vintage football shirts. Their latest event is a World Cup pop up at The Box in Hackney, where they'll be shifting their stock and showing some of the World Cup footie, whilst 40ft Brewery handle the beers.

Every game from the 14th-24th will be screened and capacity is limited - £5 entry for the evening games will be redeemable as a £5 discount off any product bought from the pop up store.
From the clever minds behind Brilliant Corners, this canal-side summer spot is normally all about hi-fidelity, excellent music. But during the World Cup, expect hi-fidelity, excellent football on a big screen.
With a name like Pitch, they just couldn't resist, could they? They're showing every single game on their 196 inch cinema screen - which sounds like the biggest screen we've ever heard of. There are plenty of very tasty street food options here, whilst the popular games come with a £5 ticket price, though that does include a free drink. Ours is a Champagne on Greygoose. This is football, after all.
Peckham Levels has three screens for all your World Cup pleasure including a whopping 3m screen with surround sound in the Auditorium on Level 5. With all manner of street food stalls, happy hour and beer deals, football will be happening here in a BIG WAY.
Home to many a lawn game and freshly pressed shirt, Skylight is bringing home the football this summer in a big way. Or a normal sized way, depending on your outlook in life. It's showing games on a big screen. We're not sure if that's every game or just the big ones, but this is quite the attraction in summer so booking a table would be a sensible choice.
This is one for the foodies, because the gastronomic hub of Flat Iron Square is whacking up two big screens (one outside, one in) for the tournament. That means you can sneak off and get full and loose whilst the tediousness of Russia v Saudi Arabia plays out. Make sure you're very vocal when you do return to confirm your presence using the phrases suggested in the intro.
Merchant Square always gets reliably busy when Wimbledon rolls around, and this year they're extending the period of big sport streaming with a respectful nod to the footie. They'll be showing a selection of games surrounded by the glossy offices and flats of this recently transformed part of town.
If you want something likely to get a little raucous then step into the unruly lands of Last Days of Shoreditch who are boldly promising one of the biggest screens in London. It's going to be loud, startling, exciting, gripping and nerve-wracking - and that's just the karaoke happening at the Lucky Voice booth. What the flip is the soccer gonna be like eh! England games are a fiver.
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