Winter Warmers

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Nothing warms the heart, soul, and numb fingers like a bowl of hearty stew, soup or hot pot. So come in from the cold; slip off your hat, gloves, and scarf; and settle into an intimate moment with your food.

Here's some of our favourite warmers - perfect for providing a gentle heartwarming sensation rather than shuddering meat sweats.
Shoop is a one stop shop for all things soup. Pop in to watch them dolling out all manner of goods inspired by world food. You've got yer beef goulash, black bean and jalapeño, Iraqi white bean soup with dumplings... and much more.
Dust off your finger skills for an evening of chopstick wielding at the hot pot. Choose your broth flavours and dip an assortment of beef, chicken, lamb, pork, seafood, shellfish, vegetables and noodles in the bubbling liquid. See cooking can be fun, just don't fuck it up, ok?
There's something about a French onion soup that is ridiculously comforting. Ok, it's mostly to do with all the melted cheese on top, but the savoury slurpings below are pretty darn fab, too. Get yours at L'Absinthe and tuck your napkin in.
Calcutta Street's Bengali dishes taste and smell so good we wanted to just douse ourselves in them. We didn't though, 'cause they is real spicy. Try the heady crab and balance with the sweet toasty goodness of the dal with green mango. If that doesn't work, give the cocktail menu a go.
There's something so satisfying about Japanese udon noodles. They're thick, chewy, and fill your mouth with slurping sounds. Add the hot savoury broth and a couple of toppings and you're in for a real treat.
The portions at Yum D offer mighty reliable value. You can't go wrong with their sour and spicy tom yum, but we also love the sweet and soupy goodness of their laksa - it's packed full of flavour, with a hint of spice that's sure to melt your heart in no time.
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