Where to Take Your Vegan Pals

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Vegans are people too you know. No but seriously, it's pretty darn tricky for people of the vegan persuasion to eat out and we don't think that's fair. Whether they're hitting the spot with something fried or going all out with raw food, these healthy hubs could help those vegan pals of yours get out the house, bless 'em. They might even like it.
Satisfy your cravings...
If it's good enough for JME, it's good enough for us. No frills, just great value plant-based yummies.
This vegan street food is from Thailand and Laos, so it needs to be hawt. Choose from the small menu and go spicy.
Fried chicken. But not fried chicken, obviously. It's good though - you don't have to believe us, just check the queues.
This one ain't pretty but it's really pretty tasty. The dim sum will make you ready to give up meat straight away - 'til you walk past the chicken shop.
Be good to your bod...
The kind of wholesome cooking that makes you think it would be ok - maybe even great - to have a hippy mum. Coconut lentil dal with crispy sweet potatoes. Yas please.
100% vegan, community-run and not for profit, this cat also sells vegan cheeses, faux meats and politically-charged vegan cookbooks.
Grab a Shiva hemp juice, run to a vinyasa flow yoga class, get a green tea and seaweed cleanse and meditate, all under one roof, all at the same time.
The name is confusing but it's all vegan here, and it's fully committed to health and wellbeing: no dish is deep-fried or microwaved. Boom.
What this restaurant lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in potted peanut butter crème caramels.
Get real serious...
Small portions of raw vegan food might feel a bit too righteous, but go for their take on a Mexican chilli and you'll be heaving yourself out the door.
If you can ignore the log chairs and intensely educational menu, you'll be able to get down with nut cheese, cold-pressed juices, and sprouted salads.
This spot is meticulous about its recipes to .5 of the pH scale - perfectly balanced sprouts, seeds, seaweeds and cold pressed oils. Cleanse daaaaarling.
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