What's Fresh in Food & Drink: Part 3

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The most talented minds in the food and drinks world are constantly thinking and rethinking their strange and wonderful plans. They'll try new ingredients, experiment with recipes and explore different techniques. It's a lot like when Charles Tanqueray worked tirelessly for 6 years, back in the 1830s, to create the gin that's still so popular today, wouldn't you say?

To help you surf the wave of nutty dining experiences, and sort the good ideas from the great collaborations, we put together our own list of whos, whats and wheres. So, best-beloved, off we go to taste all the freshest potions and chew on the newest chow. You'll soon be wiggling your fists with delight.

In partnership with Tanqueray.
Nothing new about competitions (they were invented just before sliced bread we think), but usually you have to watch on from the other side of that pesky screen. Go to fancy shmancy Quo Vadis to try all manner of negronis yourself - you get a mini one made by each of the contestants, a welcome Campari and a selection of edibles from their menu. These are likely to take the form of nibbles rather than dinner, so don't go in there hungry.
Have you been craving legit health recently? 'Cause this vegan spot might have all the answers. It seems like everything is carefully curated with your cell regeneration in mind. All joking aside the decor is v minimal, verging on clinical but reflects the modern concept perfectly. Try cold pressed juices with carrot, apple, ginger, lemon and turmeric for a minor attempt at a juice cleanse or the weirdly delicious raw pad Thai with kelp noodles, marinated kale, tamarind, almonds and lime.
They say two heads is better than one, well what about two charities? Be Enriched (who run community canteens feeding the hungry and training up volunteers) and Brixton People's Kitchen (who collect food that would otherwise go to waste and share it with the community) are laying on a fundraising dinner of the vegan and Caribbean type. Oh and they've got a 10-piece Afro-Cuban band coming too. Naww you shouldn't have.
London is home to many a burger joint. Maybe even too many. Luckily Ichibuns offers something a little different with their take on Japanese comfort food. Go for ramen, Japanese crispy spring rolls or mega burgers (some even have wagyu beef in them). Our top bun was the panko-crusted fried salmon fingers, cabbage julienne, Japanese vegetable pickle, spicy yoghurt and curry ketchup. Miam.
Adam Simmonds is testing his new recipes on us ruffians before he starts his restaurant proper. The whole place is a kitchen counter, so grab a bar stool and watch as the chefs steam, pipe and flambé to their heart's content, then plate up right under your nose. The menus will be changing faster than you can say 'poached scallop, pear, sesame and dashi', so there's all sorts to try.
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