Outlandish Pancakes

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Several times a year we cheerfully usurp Catholic traditions for our own ends. Today we take on Shrove Tuesday with cakes made in a pan. This year you'll be steering clear of those basic Breakfast Club towers of American pancakes covered in syrup, because you deserve better. You're a special pancake.

Why not push that proverbial boat out into the world, sailing it to far off shores. Maybe even as far as Sri Lanka, Japan or Australia. For exotic crêpes, galettes and more scroll on...
French Galette
The traditionalists might want a crêpe here, which these Frenchies do very well, but we've been there, done that, bought the non stick pan (and then left it in the cupboard).

Galettes though. They're made with buckwheat flour, water, salt and nothing else, this makes them crunchy and a little nutty to taste. They are then topped with all manner of proper authentic French goodies like Bayonne ham with sautéed potatoes and reblochon (smelliest of the cheeses). Mmm c'est délicieux.
Dutch Baby
This little cutie is the illegitimate child of a pancake and a Yorkshire pudding. Finished in an oven, it rises over the sides forming crispy edges for your pleasure.

These guys make 'em sweet or savoury, but we love the sweet one with Bramley and Cox apple (that's two types of apples guys!), fresh berries, almond flakes and lashings of homemade cream.
Caribbean Twist
This veggie caf is a great mix of French-Cameroonian heritage with some Caribbean vibes. Very, very chill.

Choose between crêpes and galettes with classic and quirky fillings. If you're feeling a little tropical, we'd go for the Caribbean twist - with jerk tofu, sweet potato, mushrooms and aubergine. It's got the perfect amount of spice and feels right in the colourful setting.
Sri Lankan Hopper
We don't condone generalising about a whole country's people but in our experience Sri Lankans are some of the happiest and friendliest people around. Maybe it's because of the greatness of the island's signature dish - hoppers.

A hopper is a thin, bowl-shaped pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk, it is then filled with a choice of meat, seafood or vegetable kari. Their P-day special is filled with coconut cream, then sprinkled with jaggery (unrefined cane sugar). Consume responsibly.
Japanese Mille Crêpes
French patisserie skills are very sought after in Japan, leading to all sorts of hybrid cakes. This matcha mille crêpe is just one example - made up of multiple layers of French crêpe with matcha green tea cream filling between each layer. Kova also do chocolate, vanilla and a fresh fruit version with thin slices between each layer.

To accompany all this cream? A hojicha latte (green tea that has been roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal, giving it a toasty caramel-like flavour).
American buttermilk pancakes
Ok fine, we let these babies slip through our very-high-brow net. Jackson + Rye's buttermilk pancakes have a little rye whiskey mixed in - we're all adults here. Get your fine self a plate of three, served with their home-made rye-infused whipped cream. You can even shove some sweet ‘n’ salty maple bacon over the top, if you're feeling really nasty.
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