Werk: 9-15 December

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Christmas shopping, Christmas parties and Christmas cabarets - even the cold-hearted scrooges out there would thaw if they saw the hamper of delectables being served up by the scene this week. Of course, we know you sexy elves need no persuasion, especially when it includes things like raving on ice and browsing quirky queer markets. Sounds lush, even if we do say so ourselves.
Sunday 9th
For many, this year's festivities will be muted by that shitty disease called cancer, but thanks to the money raised by events like this one it's becoming less of the death sentence it once was. Cabaret V Cancer and Beyond The Cabaret have teamed up and assembled a mahoosive lineup of queer performers, drag queens and kings who'll be channeling some of our greatest celebrities and icons.
Tuesday 11th
What would Christmas be without a sprinkling of magic? Shay Shay, of Clash Bash notoriety, has gathered a group of queer shamans and sorceresses for an evening of multi-racial, multi-faith ritual performance art. Yep, you read that correctly. Yaya Bones and Glamrou will be headlining, so if you're in need to dispel any of this year's toxic baggage before gliding on into 2019, or if your chakras could do with a good old alignment, this is the cabaret for you.
Wednesday 12th
Your preferred East London queer rave destination is taking itself on a little staycation: Dalston Superstore is packing up its decks and driving over to Somerset House for a night on the ice at this year's Skate Lates takeover. Hands down this'll be the coolest dancefloor in town (see what we did there?)
Friday 14th
A riot grrl, post punk party for femmes of all persuasions would only be as good as its DJs and performers, so it's a good Femmi-Errect have got the force of nature Kat Hudson of Femmetopia fame on the decks and subversive artists like Krishna Istha ripping up the stage. And there's a whole lot more where that came from, bbz.
Saturday 15th
Left all your shopping til the last minute? Oh babes, what are you like? Well, don't fret - we got you covered. There's only one Christmas market you'll be needing to hit up this year. Queer Fayre is taking all your favourite stalls to Tate Britain for the day. Everything from jam to jewellery will be on offer so go on and have a lil' nose around, and remember to bring paper with ya as some vendors will only accept cash money money.
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