Werk: 26th March - 1st April 2017

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Shh, don't say it too loudly or you might scare it off - but is that a faint whiff of springtime lilting on the London breeze? We think it might be. And like daffodils blooming in the meadow, it seems like the queer scene is responding to the sudden appearance of sunshine with an effusion of colourful events to coax us out of our hibernation. Think cheeky Sunday drag-fests, cabaret extravaganzas and three clubbing bonanzas, including a celebration of all things trans. Spoilt rotten, you are.
Sunday 26th
On the seventh day, God rested for a hot minute before beating her beautiful black mug, slapping on a sequin gown and devastating the runway, biatch. So be like God and spend your sabbath with her chosen people: drag queens, of course. Category is: extraterrestrial mothership realness. Was there ever a better Mother's Day gift? We think not.
Thursday 30th
How’s your Thursday night looking, a little dry and dusty perhaps? A generous squirt of warm, thick Cocoa Butter should sort that out in no time. The Cocoa Butter Club aims to moisturise a thirsty club scene with representations of the Other in everything from neo-burlesque to poetry, live music and voguing. So lotion up, baby because this month's lineup is soft, creamy and fragrant, featuring the likes of contemporary dancer Cleopantha, rising cabaret star Miss Demi Noire and spoken-word artist Travis Alabanza. Oh yas.
Friday 31st
Celebrating the accomplishments of trans and gender nonconforming people, Superstore is hosting a massive blowout, inviting some of the young trailblazers in the community and a squad of sickening DJs to keep the party lit. All proceeds go to Gendered Intelligence, a crucial charity which fights to create 'a world where people are no longer constrained by narrow perceptions and expectations of gender, and where diverse gender expressions are visible and valued.' In other words, get down to Superstore tonight because you.betta.werk.
Are you a magical spirit descended from the heavens of Studio Ghibli? Or are you more of a Powerpuff Girl? We'll let you take a moment to think it over but by Friday you'll need to have it all figured out. This month's Pillow Queen is celebrating all things kawaii, combining a tasty mixture of pop, RnB, hip hop, old skool bangerz and anime manga realness. Domo Arigato.
Friday is upon us. The battle for a banging night out has begun. Stepping into the arena, DJ Tayylor Made and her cohort have come to slay. Their weapons of choice: hip hop, trap, RnB and grime. If you want all the vibez of a house party with your favourite girlfriends, but would rather not spend the next morning walking around with a bin liner picking up half-drunk bottles and cans, then dab down to VFD and let them to the work. It's poppin’ off at Vibrate, y’all. Buzzin'.
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