Werk: 24 Feb-2 Mar

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You'd think it was summer, the amount of spice being served up by the scene this week. We've got two very kewl events in the queer fine art and film world a'happening, we've got Rupaul's Drag Race alumni in town, and we've got a Friday night that's been infected with a whole lot of jungle fever. Need to know more? Well read on gawgeous...
Wednesday 27th
Waiting for the winner of this year's All Stars to come to town? Well, in the meantime how's about you get your fix from a former season's runner-up. No shade though - this is a particularly fierce runner-up, and well worth your Wednesday evening. With her new album, the Insta sensation and all-round bad biatch from Brooklyn Miss Aja is up in da hizzy. Get into it gurl.
London provides ample ways for us to feel our collective cultural oats, and a film screening followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker and a drinks reception is one of those tried and tested formulas. Lois Norman's She Is Juiced has been critically acclaimed, well-received, award-winning and all that jazz. It ain't hard to see why. Celebrating the life and work of four LGBTQIA+ Female Identifying Artists, the documentary is a well-timed doorway into an important and oft ignored demographic in the art world. Pretty cool stuff.
We know of no collective that combines artistic pluralism, community spirit and bangin' bashment beats better than the Batty Mama. Enjoy a line-up of BAME LGBTQ artistes and performers with pieces mostly of a political or social bent. But don't worry - it's Batty Mama so you know they gon' turn it into some kind of extravaganza one way or another.
Friday 1st March
Scholars and academics mostly agree that when you queer something, it generally gets better. Even posh old art institutions like Courtauld thinks so. Go along for a full day of very deep and intellectual ponderation, exploring the intersections of queer theory and art. Thinking caps at the ready folks.
Sound the alarm, new club night alert. And it's a wheel up, back it up, guns inna de air kinda ting. Jungle Kitty is the brainchild of Dupés Den, which normally holds space at Prince of Peckham, but they've migrated to Dalston and the vibe is strictly shake ya ass. Wear what you don't mind getting wet with sweat.
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