Werk: 23rd - 29th April 2017

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Heeeeey cover girl, put that bass in your walk like the supermodel of the world that you are. This week the queen of absolutely everythang, Ms RuPaul will be coming to town for a night of homo-superiority, whilst gender-fuckery abounds in a new production of Twelfth Night. As the quote goes, 'if music be the food of love, slay on!'
Wednesday 26th
Is the daily grind drying you up? A touch of titillation from the likes of Mariposa Bop and Tamora D'Amour should add a little lubrication where it's needed. Shame you can't make it rain with pound coins, but you can always show these foxy ladies your appreciation by whoopin' and hollerin' as loudly as possible.

Men are welcome, but it's a lesbian venue, so don't be a dick.
Wednesday 26th
In between Viola padding her crotch and Sebastian wanting a piece of Antonio's ass (we all know it's true), Twelfth Night must be Shakesqueer's most homoerotic and gender-fucking play. If you don't enjoy it, you're a Puritanical old fart, just like Malvolio. So there.
Thursday 27th
Aw yea, it's the biggest fucking drag competition in the UK, okaaaaay. From the four corners of our queer isle, wigged and sequinned pilgrims are traversing toward the country's gay clubs in search of the crown. This is going to be Drag Idol's biggest year, with heats like this one being held in over 21 venues. So if you think you have the mutha-fucking talent to take on the best of the bestessest, then put your lipstick where your mouth is and get to werk.
Friday 28th
She's winning Emmys and shit, she had Lady Gaga opening this season, and even straight guys feel entitled to give their two-cents' worth on last week's maxi-challenge. So sashay to The Glory (aka Party City) for a special Ru-themed edition of Homo Superior; lip-sync for your life and death-drop as many times as you can without actually killing yourself. Get to it, get to it now - we're not joking bitch!
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