Werk: 20-26 May

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Summer is tantalisingly close, we can feel the sun's rays energising our bodies on our jaunts around town - and looking at the week's line up, we're gonna need it. There's Underbelly and Femmetopia to get you in the mood for festival season, not to mention some scantily clad stuntin' at The London Burlesque Festival. The scene's hotting up - you ready?
Sunday 20th
Is there no end to the severity of the combined fierceness of FOC It Up and Cocoa Butter Club? We thinks not. Like Beyoncé, they're back by very popular demand. That mean's another instalment of quality comedy from a collection of LOL-inducing femmes of colour in the sumptuous environs of Her Upstairs.
Tuesday 22nd
They've been parading their pecs, packages and painted beards around the country with much success and adulation. Now, having tirelessly diversified the drag king scene as far afield as Oxford, Bristol and Brighton, the troupe known as KOC has returned to their hometown to show us exactly what can be achieved with a sock stuffed in your undies.
What we really want to know is: where the hell was this bish at the Met Gala? If the theme of Fashion and The Catholic Imagination didn't warrant her an invitation then somebody clearly done fucked up the guest list. Saying that, if she were there, we wouldn't have her putting on a solo show here at the Underbelly Festival.
Wednesday 23rd
Femmetopia has very quickly established itself as the bread-and-butter performance club night of the newly branded VFD. So much so, they're already about to turn it into an after-dark festival. Wednesday is the launch party but the fest' continues until the 28th, so make sure you check out the other dates!
There's nothing quite like a few death-defying antics to spice things up in the bedroom, and where better to find inspo than at The London Burlesque Festival's Danger Strip Show? A few minutes with these saucy stunt men and women and you'll be harnessing yourself up in no time. Fearful feats performed in fetish wear will leave you open-mouthed and feeling frisky - the perfect way to end a wholesome family show, if you ask us.
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