Werk 19-25 November

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Don't say we don't look after you lot. Between the closing of Fringe! fest, the final Gal-dem Sugar rave of the year, and the return of Miss Rubyyy Jones, the week is so rammed with fun times you needn't look anywhere else for ideas. Although we know you'd never cheat on us, anyway.
Sunday 19th
You're a queer, non-binary black woman in a polyamorous relationship - so other-ised by a racist hetero-patriarchal world that the idea of finding representations of people like you in the media is laughable. Thankfully, Fringe Queer Film Fest has allowed this series of shorts to take up some space this year. They focus on a group of queer black women in Brooklyn's creative scene, and are at once witty, sexy, and heartwarming. Well worth swinging by this screening before the festival closes.
It was hard not to fall in love with Detox during her seasons on Drag Race. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that we welcome her to London. Only one residence is suitably extravagant for a queen of such calibre, and that's with the scene's conjurers of visual orgasms, the Klub Kids. For the theme of this night they've gone fabulously fetishistic: leather up and lube that latex - Sunday night is about to get freaky, baby.
Monday 20th
Straight, gay, bi, or however the hell you identify - fly that fem flag proudly, hun. If only there were a group of fierce fems using cabaret to help us in our lofty goal of smashing the patriarchy and squashing toxic masculinity. Oh, wait - here's one. They'll be storming The Glory's stage and showing us the many gorgeous manifestations of femininity with music, dance, and generally having a good old knees up.
Thursday 23rd
This beautiful babe is back - and right on time, too. Just when you think all decency has gone from the world, along comes Rubyyy, an icon of London's queer scene extolling the virtues of feminism, body positivity, and diversity on stage... and oh so much more. She's nursed her latest class of would-be queerlesque performers from fledgling tittilators to masters of the craft, and they're now ready to perform for us.
Friday 24th
As 2017 draws to an end, it's safe to say that this creative collective of women of colour have had another seismic year. Gal-dem remain the baddest gal dem in London - producing some of the most thought-provoking content online and throwing some of the sickest parties this town has to offer, it's a wonder they find the time to look so fierce. And yet, fierceness is exactly what you'll find if you hit up The Yard on Friday night, aided in no small part by a couple of other high-rolling crews: BBZ and Born n Bread will be hottin' up the decks alongside the resident DJs. Welcome de gal dem sugar.
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