Werk: 18-24 March

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The scene is serving up a hell of a lot this week, and you'll be pleased to know it's smothered in extra sauce. Whether it's boys on the bar at the latest Meat disco, a cast stripping down on stage at Above The Stag, or a course in kink at Fetish Theatre - the beginning of spring brings plenty to get you well and truly twitterpated.
Sunday 18th
A classic piece of queer theatre is having a run at Above The Stag. Party is David Dillon's play about a group of gay friends who get together for a kiki and a casual game of Fact or Fantasy. The play comes with a full frontal nudity warning. Ha! A warning - yeah, that'll put you off.
They done FOC'd it up once already, and now they come to FOC it up again. After a lit debut in February some of London's fiercest melinated femmes are back to share some more shits and giggles with ya. The night shows off the talents of funny women and non-binaries of colour, and this time around everyone's gone a bit loopy with March madness.
Thursday 22nd
Ever been intrigued by the multitude of fetish parties that take place throughout London but not sure whether it's for you? Well, at Fetish Theatre, you can dip your toe into the scene without getting completely wet. Here you can watch some pro doms and subs do their gorgeously raunchy thing. Who knows - by the end you may very well be a card carrying convert to the cult of kink.
Saturday 24th
The gods have descended from Mount Olympus, and they came to fucking party. A Man To Pet, the East London scene's favourite trouble maker, has flown over some of his cabaret pals straight from the cradle of democracy and into the anarchic embrace of Dalston. And of course what would any Hellenic cabaret be without a Greek Disco afterparty? Someone pass us the ouzo.
A platter of the only meat suitable for vegetarians is about to be served up on the bar at Dalston Superstore (that's man meat, in case you were wondering). Back again with their ass-shaking and pelvis-gyrating selves, the GoGo boys from the body-positive Meat zine will be raving it up while Sugarbear, Ninebob, Nic Fischer and Mikki Most whip up a disco frenzy on the decks.
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