Werk: 17-23 September

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Time to take it to the runway, huntay - for London Queer Fashion Week is officially upon us. We know you know how to work a garment, but we've also seen some of your other fashion choices - and we think you could use a bit more inspo. And of course, we've scoured the scene and a few more parties for you to hit up, 'cause there's no point looking devastating if you're stuck in the house with no one to see it, right?
Sunday 17th
Gendered clothing is so last season, babes. Many of you know how it can be - you go into a clothes shop and feel hella awks just for perusing the section that hasn't been assigned to you.

It's a damn struggle, but never fear; here you can pick up a skirt, a blazer, a bra and boxers - catwalk into those neutral changing rooms with all four and strut out looking like the fabulously queer fashionista that you are. So bring some bits and bobs to exchange with your queer peeps and express yo'self.
Wednesday 20th
Fancy celebrating the queer community's incalculable contribution to the world of high fash-ee-on? Enter London Queer Fashion Week: frocks will fly in the face of gender binaries and hetero-haute couture as you get to meet the genius LGBTQ+ designers of tomorrow. Collections by the likes of Jack Goode, Ingrid Kraftchenko and Ben Copperwheat will be stomping down the catwalk - so get your lewk sorted, get down there and get inspired.
Thursday 21st
Credit where credit is due, this queen has come along way. The underdog who managed to make it to the top 3 of Drag Race, only to return for All Stars before throwing in the towel in one of the most dramatic episodes evaw, has risen from the ashes to slay in her own very sickening way.

But the truth is, we adore Adore, and the sexy songbird has predictably sold every ticket for her Birthday gig, but there's a few re-sells floating around on fb. Best get on that. Like now.
Gender fluidity challenges social norms and makes the establishment feel uncomfortable - so yeah, we'd say it's pretty punk rock. Just ask lauded musician, writer and performer Ray Filar, who's come to bend gender and take us on an anarchic electro-punk expedition. Their weapons of choice: strip-tease, sci-fi, music, spoken word and drag. Boundaries better beware, because no category is safe under the gaze of Ray's radical eye.
Saturday 23rd
Pussy Liquor is one of our favourite tipples. Depth of flavour, luscious, soothing... it warms the cockles and the soul. You can grab yourself a dram of the good stuff at this Summer of Love-themed boogie hosted by the queer cabaret collective this Saturday. There'll be some gogo dancers, some hula hoopers, Janis Joplin's doppelgänger and some groovy DJs fit for purpose.
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