Werk 17-23 June

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Hey you, don't be so glum. Yes, you've slaved away for most of the year just to get a few measly days of holiday. And yes, it sucks. But stick with us and we'll show you plenty ways to make the daily grind more bearable. Comedy, theatre, naked readings and semi-naked club nights - it's all happening this week, so go on and play. You need it.
Monday 18th
Get down to the The Glory and get your giggle on with Siân Docksey's roster of rather hilarious people. You'll also be getting a sneak peek of some of the acts being shipped off to represent London at the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe, so that's nice. It's happening over four nights - plenty of opportunity for you to turn that frown upside down, eh?
Tuesday 19th
You know we're all about a good time, but sometimes you need a little woke-ness to put all that fun into perspective. This performance and panel discussion is about telling the stories of the LGBT+ community seeking asylum from phobia and persecution. So check it out - we reckon it's a pretty worthwhile way to spend your Tuesday evening.
Thursday 21st
Pronouns and prefixes exponentially multiplying, gender fluidity blossoming across the world, non-binary beings inhabiting the full remit of their identities - oh yes, it's a beautiful brave new world we're heading into and you're invited along for the partay. This very sick edition of Naked Boys Reading is giving space to writers who explore the trans and genderqueer experience.
Saturday 23rd
Catch a nice lil' vibe at Gal Pals this weekend. As you'd expect, they're back spreading some queer joy around Dalston, mostly by droppin' bangerz and giving all the right feels to the women and non-binary folk you'll be sharing the dance floor with. Female fronted pop, rock, hip hop, R&B are on the cards.
Tickets for this are flying off the shelves like hot cocks. Soz - totally meant to say cakes. Seriously though, there's been a rather lengthy hiatus since the sexy sweat lodge that is Hard Cock Life blipped on our gaydar in all its bare-chested glory. Mmm, we can smell the pheromones already.
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