Werk: 17-23 February

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Oi you - peng ting over there... wanna get in shape while living your best life as the queen of the voguing runway? What you need is a vogue/yoga/body-conditioning workshop. 'Where can I find one of them,' you ask? Just scroll down, lovely. That'll get you all nice and limbered up for a wicked and wavy week ahead.
Wednesday 20th
You needn't kick yourself for not keeping to your gym resolutions - it's normally the first one to go. But thank goddess for Jay Jay Revlon who's injecting some spice into our exercise. His contribution to this year's LGBTQ History Month is some queer fitness classes, so we can keep motivated and on that New Year energy.
Friday 22nd
If it's important for you to find ethical cabaret with a noble mission then you could do far worse than the opening show of the Southwark Queer Arts Week. It's the brainchild of Open Doors London, who provide support and services to older LGBTQ people, and Loud and Queerly, a cabaret collective focused on equality and human rights.
Friday 22nd
Well don't this joyful bunch just keep on spreadin' the lurve? On Friday, a whole ten stand-ups will stand up and do stand-up at Seven Dials Club, so that's ten opportunities you've got to cry, convulse and pee your pants in hilarity - with any luck all at the same time.
Saturday 23rd
Nothing says Queer History Month like cavorting around a cemetery with a bunch of drag queens. Join either of the two caravans of gender benders, story-tellers and queer performers who'll be resurrecting the departed local queer community that decided to spend the big sleep interred at Brompton Cemetery.
Marking the passage of time since the golden era of Whitney, Ross, Madge and Blondie is the equally iconic club night Burning Down The House, with a celebration of its own coming of age. We'd say six years is a damn-fine run for any club night, and we're sure there's plenty more wild flailing and sweaty dancing to be done in VFD's underbelly.
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