Werk: 16-22 September

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Far be it from us to encourage you to misbehave on a school night...nah, who are we kidding? The truth is we think you should go ahead and knock yourself out, preferably with a Sasha Velour-shaped party. It's mandatory homework, people, due in on Tuesday night - and no blooming excuses.
Tuesday 18th
The Season 9 winner graced our screens and stole our hearts with her intelligence and artsy lewks, and for this Klub Kids event her retinue includes previous contestants Milk and Pearl, as well as a court of homegrown queens. Yeah, bitch, it's gonna be party, so get ya ticket and get ya life.
Friday 21st
The World Aids Day Red Run 2018 is is the UK's largest community led fundraiser for the prevention of HIV, which is obviously a fucking amazing achievement. You can show support for the runners by partying it up at the launch where superstar drag pop group Denim will be hosting.
Private Life are known for their extravagant club night takeovers of sexy venues around London, and this time around they're hosting Love Yourself in the glamorous environs of W Club. Copious cocktails combined with performances by some of the coolest drag queens and club kids in town will make for a deliciously decadent affair.
Our local drag impersonator extraordinaire, Ripley, is gunning for Melania now. We suppose it was to be expected. Despite the depressing pill the shitshow of the current presidency is to swallow, the FLOTUS does provide limitless comedic fodder. Besides, laughter is one of the few weapons we have, so we're ready for Ripley to go all in.
Saturday 22nd
All the gloriously vile and villainous aspects of the cabaret scene come to a head at Deep Trash. For this edition, the vibrancy and gorgeousness of the Latinx community will be celebrated in a whirlwind of burlesquery, finding inspiration in everything from Frida Khalo to flamenco. Now who in their right mind could say 'no, gracias' to that?
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