Werk: 15-21 October

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Do you hear that? The unsettling creak you keep noticing in the back of your mind - it's the stirring of coffin-dwellers as they get ready to come out and play, mwahahahaha.

With the witch season in full swing, there's some terrifying times to be had - and with the likes of Jinkx Monsoon no less. But don't worry, we've thrown in a few less ghoulish options so you don't get too too scurrred.
Sunday 15th
Poetry is hot. What could be sexier than the image of a tortured soul vomiting their guts onto the page and bearing their creative vulnerability to a jaded London audience? It seems we're not the only ones who get turned on by a broody wordsmith. Poetry LGBT is so in demand they've had to set up shop in Deptford for another monthly literati party.

Of course, being all queer and shit, this is not your regular stuffy poetry soiree. It's supersized with drag, rap, music and anything else they can think of to zhoosh up a rhyming couplet.
Been to the Light After Dark exhibition at Sutton House yet? Well, you should. The exhibition continues with this zine fair and art market by the rather rad collective Grrrl Zine Fair. Pop along to get your craft game on, and then stick around for the panel discussions, artists screenings and (OMFG) a showing of the best film ever made in the history of the world: Paris Is Burning. We'll be there to watch it for like, the gazillionth time, of course.
Monday 16th
So guess what? Jinkx Monsoon is back. Again. She's milking that drag race crown right down to the last drop and frankly we say go get your money, kween. It's always a pleasure to have your royal dragginess over.

Peaches Christ, alongside a wicked circle of drag hags, will be joining her for some pre-Halloween spook house realness. They're parodying Hocus Pocus, which is undeniably one of the most hilarious Disney films - so we reckon this is gonna be freakin' epic.
Thursday 19th
The legend, the icon, the woman with the pointy bra - bitch, it's Madonna. She's the biggest, perkiest queer icon there ever was, and with the anniversary of her revolutionary Erotica album approaching, we thinks a night of Madge-themed gayhem is in order.

Good thing drag queen superfan Margo Marshall is on it - she'll be turning The Glory into an alter dedicated to the goddess herself, channelling the lewk and turning out the hits. Defo not one for the prudish - so we're sure you'll be fine.
Saturday 21st
So the aesthetic we're getting from Deep Trash's next event is something along the lines of an Afro-punk zombie resurrection, which is totes a mood we can get into.

Art, club night and performance collide in the form of feminist magick, queer occultism and anti-capitalist supernatural goings on (because the undead can be woke too, obvs). The theme will be interpreted as installations, live acts and a visual art exhibition, all to the sound of some dark industrial beats.
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