Werk 15-21 July

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We didn't want to call it too soon but it's probs safe to say summer has properly arrived. Over the past couple of weeks you lot have been looking fresh in your sunny garms and flocking to beverage dispensaries to watch men run around after a ball. If you need a distraction from all that excitement, check out what the scene's saying this week. It's a good'un!
Tuesday 17th
Meet Shakespeare's Sister. She's a lot feistier than her brother and much better company in the club. The self-proclaimed 'pussy-power theatre company' brings together thespians and hedonism - well, don't they sound like our kind of people? And perfect fare for a night out at VFD. The theme is Dystopia, and acts will include Orlando, Cronus Ambrosio and Calamity.
Thursday 19th
There's a buzz around town, and it has the familiar tint of trashy drag and rebelliousness. Ah that'll be it: Adore Delano is returning to London. The queen who said 'bye, Felicia' to Drag Race because she wanted be her #authenticself. Well, you can wear your hemlines as unfinished as you please around us, Adore.
Friday 20th
Why stop at gender non-conformity? We'd like to see a world with people non-conforming all over the shop, and to get a glimpse of what that might look like, we're heading to Call Me Sisssy. They've fished ten weird and wicked performers from the depths of the queer pond, so if you feel like the radical in you has been subdued, some of these larger-than-life characters might help you release the freak.
This night is gonna be spicy, absolutely no doubt about it. 'Why?' we hear you chime. Well if the combination of four of the biggest black queer DJ collectives in London doesn't set off your party senses then we're not sure what might turn your head. Goldsnap, BBZ, Magic Clit and The Batty Mama are bringing their incomparable lit-ness together to form one untameable night of fyah.
Saturday 21st
Cybil's House is turning two - and they're proper milking the black-lights at The White Swan when it comes to the theme of the birthday celebrations. Yep, you've sussed it: we've got a night of neon fantasies to look forward to, so get to ordering them glowsticks and body paints. Who knew glow in the dark drag would come back this season?
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