Werk: 14-20 October

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It's autumn. As the chill sets in, summer's outdoor day-drinking Londoners migrate to the warm sanctuary of the many exhibitions, clubs and cabarets sprawled across their habitat. At this time of year, the city is rife with culture: Black History Month is well under way and there's still plenty to see at And What? Queer Arts Festival. Only time will tell how these millions of city-dwellers choose to live their best lives through the coming months.
Friday 19th
The regular spicy Spanish shindig will be putting its scantily clad dancers to werk over all the queen's hits, and they've even bagged an international superstar appearance to sweeten the deal... Ok, so they've got Eurovision '18 runner up Eleni Foureira performing her song Fuego. But rest assured, It's going to be muy caliente darling.
It's been a hot minute since a bloody good vogue off has crossed our radar. There's one coming up in the form of Rent Party at Rich Mix. Based on the notorious Harlem Renaissance rent parties of the 20s, there'll be musicians and singers, as well as dancers throwing shapes and striking poses all up in ya face.
Saturday 20th
This night is all about hxstories from the diaspora. In honour of Black History Month, The Batty Mama will be exploring the community's trailblazers and icons through short film and projection art. And before you start huffing and puffing, yes there will still be lipsync battles, Electric Slides, soul train tunnels and drag performances. We know what you like.
Capitalising on our teenage nostalgia and giving us a chance to do the school dance in the queerest way possible, Queer Prom is in London with an extra special cabaret and drag show as part of And What? fest. So if you weren't out at the time, or if you were dying to drag up but didn't want to face the wrath of dumb homophobic classmates, this is your moment.
Attracting legendary drag queens, club kids, scenesters and pornstars alike, Daddy Issues is a safe bet if you're looking to go out out. They've set up shop in LA, New York and Berlin - and now good old Blighty gets a go. Frieda Slaves will be presiding over the debauchery as some of NYC's finest DJs dish out the most delectable dance music. Do you really need any more convincing?
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