Werk: 13-19 Jan

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Right people - it's 2019, and you're gonna boss it. No time for wallowing in the regrets or missed opportunities of 2018. That shit is so dead. You need to level up, step into your light and deliver copious side-eye to the fuckeries that may try to come your way. And now the winter solstice is out of the way, we can all emerge from hibernation and start hitting the new club and cabaret nights the scene has to offer. Things are on the up, make sure you're ready for it!
Tuesday 15th
It's quite possible you've never heard of this film, but in our humble opinion it really is a fundamental part of any queer education. Way back when in 1919, the genre-defining Anders als Die Andern was the first film advocating for homosexual law reform. Things have come a long way for the LGBTQ struggle since then, but it's always important to look back at its origins.
Wednesday 16th
New year, new cabaret night: if it ain't a tradition, it bloody well should be. And we can get it off the ground with Razed & Confuzed, a brand new evening of queer performance with an impressive roster of some of the scene's heavyweight artistes, including Chiyo Gomes and Lucy McCormick.
Thursday 17th
Ok, so we have just spent three months listening to Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby playing in every shop we went into for our Christmas shopping, but that just tells you the enduring legacy this woman has had on the culture. Dragging it up in honour of the OG catwoman on her birthday are Rhys' Pieces, ShayShay and Sherika Sherard. It's gonna be a good'n.
Friday 18th
New club night alert: it's called Bender! - that should give you a good idea of the levels of queer debauchery we're likely to get into. Tunes will be of the italo/classic house/pop flavour and delivered by one of the scene's iconic DJs Wes Baggaley. Oh yeah - and it's five quid. So go check it out, you might find a new place to park your bum on a Friday night.
Saturday 19th
So London's queer community has a very serious milestone to celebrate. The crucible of alternative queer experiences and home of some of the best basement parties in town is turning a decade old. Oh VFD, what memories have been made (and wiped away) in your welcoming bosom. Thanks for all the drag, the cabaret, the dancing, the workshops, the protests and more recently the focus on femme-centred events.
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