Werk: 13-19 August

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You committed club kids may very well still be suffering from last week's shenanigans, but with what's on offer this week, you need to get up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and paint the town red. Because whoever said you can't have your cake and EAT IT, clearly needs to shut up and go see the legendary Latrice.
Sunday 13th
Yet another queer venue has jumped on the brunch bandwagon, because while it’s always good fun imbibing the night away with fabulous drag queens, it’s equally satisfying getting through your hangover with them the day after. The talented Virgin Extravaganzah will be there to police all you sinners’ piety as you swig a hair of the dog and munch on a veggie saveloy bap. So that's your Sunday sorted.
Monday 14th
She’s the chunkiest, the funkiest, the largest and the most in chargest - she is of course the titanic force that goes by the name of Latriiiice Royale. Expect some sick runway-stomping skills, tracks off the hotly awaited 'Here's To Life' album, and a whole bunch of all those take-you-to-church feel-good moments.
Tuesday 15th
Have you met the Brief Boys? These cats like to serve up beefy, bulgy body and award-winning comedy - toying with the limits of masculinity, confounding the boundaries of drag artistry and redefining circus as something pretty fucking pervy. Featuring beautiful wow-men werking the stage and struttin' their stuff in martini glasses, tell Dita we love her, but it's the Brief Boys we want to encounter.
What’s the Trouble With Men? We could be here all day with that one, but this series of shorts at The King’s Head Theatre may help to enlighten us, particularly in regard to the gay male experience. With three for the price of one you get more plays for your pennies here. The show has been hyped up ever since they killed it at Brighton Fringe, so make sure you catch them while they’re still in town.
Friday 18th
So you’ve left the office on Friday and you’re feeling oh so bad and boujee - you’re ready to give all that extra-ness on the dancefloor and you need a serious trappy grimey hip hop affair to let you do it. Not just any old crap will do, you need somewhere where the ladies turn up, the chunes are lit and the energy is poppin’. Well it’s a bloody good thing Vibrate is back on the block then, isn’t it?
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