Werk: 12-18 August

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The weekend is where it's at: it's what we live for; our life source. So when we get a good one, obviously, we're gassed, and it really is serving the most this week - just take a look at what treats we've unearthed. Between Madonna's birthday party, Berlin Berlin's next shutdown at Egg, and a super-rave at new creative space FOLD, you've got some tough decisions to make. Like: where ya gonna go, and what ya gonna wear?
Friday 17th
Wotever World, stalwarts of the queer performance art scene in London since way back in the day, have been keeping Non Binary Cabaret going for a while now, and you've really got to give them props for that. There's normally a healthy mix of drag, cabaret, burlesque and some stuff that just doesn't fit into any category. How appropriate.
Difficult as it is to imagine, the queen of pop is turning 60, and as you'd expect the queer scene is aflutter with excitement. Such an auspicious occasion calls for a party, and there are certainly quite a few going on. This one over at Eagle London is where we'll be paying our respects - we were enticed by the Madonna Lipsync Battle with its 150 quid cash prize. Conical bustier at the ready.
Saturday 18th
Berlin Berlin has swooped in with another Egg takeover. So trade in your floral shirt for some latex fetish gear and dive headfirst into this palace of electronica. Amidst the well stocked lineup are Pornceptual, Homostash, Sexshooters and Tafkanik, as well as special guests Guido Schneider and Alex Kraemer - the perfect auditory backdrop to your cozy cocoon of twisted fantasies.
We love a party, but for some reason we love an afterparty even more. And thankfully, this week's Femmetopia is hosting the post-sesh of FEM Festival: Summer Edition, an event curated by Fem Zine. The media platform explores topics on feminism and femme identity, so there's really no place more suited than VFD for a lil' tunup afterwards.
Ok, so here's the deal: FOLD is a new East London creative space and venue. They're having a housewarming party with practically every DJ collective that you can imagine. That includes some of the dons of the queer club scene like Resis'dance, Goldsnap and Homodrop. And get this: the shubz is gonna last for 24 hours. So stock up on vitamins and get a good night's sleep because this is gonna be heavy as fuck.
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