Werk: 10-16 December

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Start the week as you mean to go on - partying. We've got a cheeky Sunday night sesh with the Arcola Queer Collective and a brand new alternative night at VFD bookending a week of even more chances to get crunk, including the gayhem that goes hand in hand with the RVT Christmas panto. Put the dates in your calendar, call your mates, start having fun. Simples.
Sunday 10th
A shot in the arm of Sunday night queer cabaret realness should fortify your spirit against the stresses of the week ahead. Yeah, it's on a school night - but it's for a good cause so it doesn't really count. Arcola Queer Collective are raising funds with a one-off show that boasts an impressive roster of established scenesters. Apart from that, there'll also be an afterparty and pre-performance tarot readings. Why not see if they can predict how late you'll be to work the next day?
Wednesday 13th
David Hoyle is still doing his thing, replete with his signature edgy drag and dry humour. Joining him on stage is Neil Bartlett, a trailblazing actor, author, director, and playwright whose bagged himself an OBE for services to the arts, no less. Also performing is Iranian born punk-channelling artist Katy Jalili, and shamanic witch-man Joseph Morgan Schofield who'll be casting some magical queer survival rituals for us. Standard.
You could hardly call it Christmas without the return of RVT's infamous panto. So what's the story this year? Well, the Goose Tavern is down on its luck and the proprietor, Mother, and her sexy bar manager enlist the help of Fairy Lamé and the Golden Egg to turn the tide of their fortunes. The villain is Kelly Anne Con-Witch (oh yeah - they went there) who wants to steal the Egg in time for President Hump's visit. Sounding familiar?
Saturday 16th
It's brunch time, and Xnthony will be on duty to keep you on your toes and make Saturday just a little bit more raucous. The queer Irish pop prince will be livening up your meal with a touch of festive spirit - pass the parcel, cheesy tune-age, and fun games should quickly bring out your inner child. If your inner child were an alcoholic, that is.
Now this is bloody exciting. It's the inaugural Burning Minge, folks - and it's not to be missed. With performances from subversive and experimental artists like 3LL3, Merlin Nova, and Sad Eyes, and a DJ lineup that includes Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, you'd be an absolute muppet if you didn't go. In fact, we'd probably have to put you on the naughty list.
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