Wellness Weekly: March 20-27

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It's spring - the birds and bees are buzzing, clothing is slowly being shed, and it's time to shed the layer of winter fat we've been harbouring for warmth. You may be a little chillier in air-conditioned buildings, but you'll feel less like you're carrying a sack of sand on your person at all times. Get out there, a little bodily spring cleaning will go a long way.
Have you ever gotten into a fight at a club? That's not a good look. But you know what is a good look? Beating the shit out of a punching bag in a clubby gym class, complete with flashing lights and pumping tunes. You'll leave with adrenaline instead of G&Ts coursing through your veins, and your dignity firmly intact.
This small wonder of a shop hawks crystals, oils, Native American jewellery and various folky things. The shop's distinctly incense-y smell immediately beckons you in, and its wondrous cabinet of spiritual curiosities keeps you there. If you're in the market for a giant amethyst crystal that'll calm you right the fuck down, this is the spot.
The Hive takes a bunch of buzzy concepts - veggie food, natural wines, clean-pressed juices, specialty coffee - and smushes them together in a high-concept health emporium. It may first appear a bit cringey, but they pull it off well, and we're not ones to fight with a good thing.
You know what we love? Woodlands. We're so deprived of fresh oxygen and natural greenery in this unfeeling metropolis we call home that when we are out in nature, we go absolutely ballistic for that shit. This undisturbed sprawl lies just south of Woolwich, and is well worth the journey for serene strolls.
Yoga's cool, but we've aways thought it could do with a little sassing up. Enter Voga, the vogueing/yoga hybrid that's got both downward dog and downright fierceness. The funky 80s vibe is strong here - we recommend a leopard print leotard (what, you mean you don't have one in your closet?)
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