Wellness Weekly: Jan. 16-22

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Alright, we're well into January now, and maybe your New Year's resolutions are faltering a little. So you slipped up and gorged on, like, five fudge brownies last weekend while you watched reruns of Friends and cried subtly. So what? Just get back on that proverbial horse and make your damn life better. Please. We're a bit worried about you.
This hidden gem in Angel wins the coveted Most Pious and Least-Inspiredly Named award. Newspaper articles about the benefits of vegetarianism plaster the walls, alongside shame-y posters about animal cruelty. But don't let any of that put you off - the food is delish, and all-you-can-eat at £7.95 (contrary to what the website says).
You probably heard all the hoopla about this little pod of wonder. Or maybe you didn't, because you have crippling aquaphobia and avoid all water-related news. Well, it's a 'sensory deprivation tank' filled with salt water. The idea: you float, you bliss out, you feel rejuvenated. It's like a super boring jacuzzi with a host of wellness benefits.
Look, in this modern world, with all our smartphones and cyborgs and all that, we don't always have time to hit the gym. We get it. But the people at Educogym are not in the business of excuses - they believe that you can achieve noticeable results with a 15-minute workout. It's HIIT, baby, and it hurts.
We all need that perfect little yoga studio - the kind of place you can happily return to again and again. This little Stokey spot is the perfect yogi hideaway for some peaceful inner reflection. They welcome yogis of all levels, and normally offer between 3-4 classes a day featuring Flow Yoga, Rocket Yoga and Run and Flow.
You may not readily associate mid-January with outdoor activities, but we think this is the perfect time to strap on those ol' hiking boots and stock up on purified O2. The air is crisp, the trail is quiet, and you probably need to get out of the house. Epping Forest boasts short walks, long walks, any type of walk to appease your wandering heart. The scenery isn't too shabby, either.
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