Wellness Weekly: 22-29 May

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So you're getting seasonal affective disorder from your windowless office. You looked on Amazon for those SAD therapy lightbulbs, but each one costs like £40. You need sun or you're going to evaporate. You need to know that there's a world outside.

A little lunchtime workout should ease those desk-bound blues, and a fill of fresh air on the weekend will dull the weekday pain. Just stop crying at your desk - your co-workers can see behind your computer screen.
The brainchild of food blogger Deliciously Ella, this Marylebone deli is all about #fitspo and #aestheticgoals. Their grammable grain bowls always have tongues wagging and likes coming. They've also got vegan treats, juices, smoothies, the works.
You'll be coming back for an Oncore at this HIIT spinning studio. They offer a high intensity class that gets your blood pumping and delivers a full body workout. The music's loud, the lights are low, and the class runs for a very manageable 45 minutes.
Penny-pinching yogis who are downward dogging their way into the red have Third Space to thank this month. The Canary Wharf branch of this poshoe fitness studio is holding a monthlong series of free Friday lunchtime yoga classes at Crossrail Place Roof Garden in Canary Wharf. The class will be their all-levels dynamic flow class - beats a Sainsbury's desk sammy.
Find that elusive inner peace at these heavenly gardens in Kensington. Walk away your woes with a picturesque stroll - the park is more well-manicured than a nail salon. Stroll amongst the jaw-dropping flower beds and breathe in that good shit: fresh air.
Are your Qi energy levels all kinds of messed up? Happens to the best of us. Give your chakras a good shake down at this holistic wellness centre, where the spiritual dojo applies pressure to those points, in order to help release blockages and increase your energy levels.
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