Wellness Weekly: 20-26 November

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So the Seasonal Affective Disorder is kicking into gear, and there's only so many hours in a day you can spend straddling your SAD lamp in a desperate attempt to up those melatonin levels. Our recommendation: do like a tween on Twitter and indulge in a bit of #selfcare. Work out, chill out, be good to yourself till summer comes back around and you can experience true happiness again.
As Gucci Mane once said, 'I'm iced out, plus I got snow, man.' Was he talking about his chilling experience at London's only indoor ice climbing centre? We'll never know for sure, but what we do know is that Vertical Chill is a cool way to work those limbs in a safe, supportive environment. They cater to every skill level - from seasoned mountaineers to climbing newbs - with courses that range in height and gradient.
As part of the Southbank’s Wintertime festivities, hot, translucent huts will be popping up on Queen Elizabeth’s rooftop - promising sweltering 90 degree heat, warming winter tipples, and top notch views of the River Thames. Tickets range from £15-20 and include a 40min sauna session, access to showers, and a clean towel. Heads up, nudity is banned, for any of those hoping to get the true Finnish experience.
That vegan cafe in Bethnal Green everyone is raving about. You've heard of it. We're sure you have. It's 100% vegan, community run, and not for profit. Get your vegan samosas, sausage rolls, cakes and milkshakes, or go for a posh coffee. You can also buy produce to take away, as well as politically-charged vegan cookbooks. Because you never know when you might need one. Hell, you could probably use one right now.
Up your spin-game to the next (water)level with Hydrofit's aquabikes. They offer a more intimate take on the fitness craze, with personal cabins that feature jacuzzi-style jets, flashing underwater lights, and an entertainment system. Apparently, trading land for H2O means less stress on the joints, plus the added pressure of the water speeds up blood circulation and helps you burn more fat. Tbh, though, we just like splashing around in the 'cuzzi.
Sorry boy-os. this one's strictly for the gal-dem: The Goddess Space is a peaceful little oasis in Little Venice, where founder, Anoushka Florence Loftus, holds women-only gatherings that encourage ladies to unleash their inner magick. Events on offer include: 'Moonlight Goddess Gatherings', where participants channel the power of a specific zodiac sign to connect with the Goddess; and 'Secret Sharing Circles', where women are provided a safe space to share, support, and empower one another.
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