Wellness Weekly: 18-24 September

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Fitness is an investment - you didn't spend £100 on that Lululemon yoga suit for it to collect dust in your closet, did you? Put your hard-earned spend where your mouth is and splash out on some luxe wellness activities that'll have you feeling like the yummy mummy you secretly wish you were - yeah boys, you too.
Have you ever seen an Olympic triathlon and thought to yourself, 'I could do that?' No? Us neither. But don't worry, this is not that - Wanderlust 108 is as chilled as triathlons get, featuring a 5k run (or walk), followed by a 90-minute yoga class and a 30-minute guided meditation session. You deserve a treat after all that hard work - the festival site will feature the who's who of healthful eats, featuring Bel-Air, Chic Pea, Boa Vida, Form Nutrition, Big V, Soho Pizza, and more. There will also be aerial yoga, barre, singing bowls, and wellness-y sessions throughout the day.
Take time at this lush secret garden smack dab in central London. Entirely community run, this little slice of botanic heaven is a peaceful space for inspiring kickbacks. Perch by the pond and watch the colourful variety of fishies slither and swim, or just hunker down amongst all the leafy greens with a good book and the majestic sounds of nature for company.
Want some happy with your cawfee? Head to the Canvas Cafe for all your emotional and caffeine-related needs. Lodon's first 'happy caf' - opened by actress, puppeteer and body positivity crusader Ruth Rogers - offers all sorts of free events to encourage positive thinking and inspire self-expression. This means anything from relaxation workshops, to body confidence classes, to documentary screenings and a drop-in choir. Get involved.
This fully-body, 30-minute workout is perfect for people who dream of a cracking all-year summer bod but have recurring nightmares about hourlong spin classes. True to the name, the class incorporates nine rounds of circuit training, with an emphasis on kickboxing. There's a trainer to guide you through each circuit, so even if you've never thrown a punch in your life, you'll be fighting like Rocky by the end.
If you're sick of downward dogging in your boring generic yoga class, kick it up a notch (or ten) at one of the Refinery's buzzy fitness sessions. They're all about the fun at this sleek Hackney studio, injecting some serious spunk into a wide array of yoga, barre, and cardio classes. You want a ballet and boxing fusion class? Fancy a funky Friday flow? A sexy Saturday core class? A disco-themed barre bustle? They've got it all, for a £14-15 drop-in fee.
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