Wellness Weekly: 17-23 July

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It's easy to let the heat defeat you: your ice cream intake has gone right up this past month, your time spent sitting in beer gardens is increasing, oh and lounging, you're getting real good at that too. At times like these we ask ourselves 'What would Usain Bolt do?' and then we usually settle for something much less impressive. So come on, stop being a wimp, pick yourself up and get the flip out there.
You've heard of hot yoga, but have you heard of hot running? Well no, cause it's not a thing, but with the weather we've been having it may as well be. London City Runners meet up several times a week to pound the pavements en masse. Why not give it a try, push your body to its limits and sweat like there's no one watching.
You know who's annoyingly happy, healthy and sorted? Aussies. Sure we can't copy their surfing lifestyle but we go to Granger & Co to test drive their healthy diet. We go for freshly squeezed juices, all natural smoothies, gluten-free brekkies and dairy free lunches. It's good feel-good food.
There's a lot to be said for taking your walking speed from 11 down to 3 and having a stroll, especially when there's notable stuff to look at. That's the beauty of a sculpture trail, like this one, at Regent's park. Go it alone for once, let the art wash over your soul and maybe even inspire you to quit smoking.
When people say 'do a little happy dance' are they talking about this particular blend of bhangra and bollywood? Cause it's a definite contender. It's sure to increase your heart rate, test your rhythm and will probably make you laugh a fair bit too. Optional belly scarfs & bindis are provided. Wednesday classes running until the end of September.

They say do one thing every day that scares you. You could try public speaking but it won't be nearly as epic as abseiling down the Arcelormittal Orbit in Stratford. If you think this big red squiggly mess looks as funny as we do, imagine how you'll feel as you abseil 262 feet down it. You'll be so glad you got to the bottom you'll be marvelling at blades of grass and all that.
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