Wellness Weekly: 16 April

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You can keep your high octane calorie scorching HIIT plyometric functional fitness boot camps - we think getting healthy is all about expanding your repertoire of impactful activities you don't dread doing. Whether you opt for the nostalgic (gymnastics), the zen (Tai Chi), or the altruistic (Good Gym), these classes expand our often-narrow definition of fitness. And when you're done, reward yourself with a (vegan) pizza - 'cause it's all about balance, right?
Ladies, come join the sisterhood and get your fix of femme-flavoured psychedelic support. Leave your inhibitions at the door and come into the circle with your soul ready to do some searching. These bi-weekly classes aim to get at the crux of psychedelic trips, and coax out lessons from them that can be used to heal and grow the body. The exact happenings of the night can be unpredictable, with the trajectory dependent on the mood - but previous circles have included the likes of meditating, group-sharing, singing, eye-gazing, empowerment rituals and even a spot of dancing.
Not exclusively for fussy Italians, Picky Wops does a damn good vegan pizza. Cristiano and Andrea, two charming Italian immigrants, are hoping to redefine the negative term, and make it all about inclusivity; and pizza. Politics and meat-free morality aside, the pizza, drinks and friendly faces are well worth your custom. The lads are mighty obsessed with quality; starting with the flour. They offer a huge selection of the stuff, including multigrain, turmeric, hemp and plenty of ancient Italian grains that load you up with more proteins and minerals than your usual grain.
Harken back to those halcyon days of cartwheelin' without a care, only the sweet thought of making gooey alien babies on your mind. Crossfit's adult gymnastics class is all about tumblin' around like you did as a kiddo, all in the name of getting fit. Wannabe gymnasts will learn how to handstand, cartwheel, and roll around with the best of 'em. After mastering the basics, you can progress to the Level 2 course, where you'll learn fancy moves like the back tuck and front hand spring.
Tai Chi is kind of a cross between yoga and martial arts, and it's a badass way of grounding yourself mentally and physically. This ancient Chinese art is all about disconnecting from the world and moving fluidly, improving flexibility and balance as well as concentration. Try it out by joining this free group who meet in London Fields every Saturday afternoon for an hour of cosmic karate. It's led by Master Simon Wong, a.k.a. Sifu, who's been lauded all over the Tai Chi community and holds a 9th degree black sash with the AMA. What a G.
Spread those good workout feels with Good Gym. This not-for-profit running and fitness group is all about merging fitness and philanthropy - they organise groups that go on runs to community projects, and, once there, help vulnerable old people or community organisations with physical tasks. It's a great way to reconnect with the place you live and meet some fellow do gooders, and it's guaranteed to kick those endorphins into high gear.
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