Wellness Weekly: 16-22 October

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Oops, where'd that little ponch come from? Is it a food baby, or is your tum tum putting on some autumn layers? While the cooling weather makes us want to hibernate on a giant bed of sponge cake, we're still gonna drag our plushy bums to some fun fitness and wellness locales to chase away that seasonal affective disorder. And you should do the same, right? Right.
You might have noticed the leaves changing with the advent of the new season - or not, because you've been sunning yourself under your Ikea lamp and refusing to go outside. But trust us, they've been turning all sorts of colours - yellow, orange, different shades of yellow and orange. Catch them all at Epping Forest, the perfect place to get a lung full of fresh CO2 and feel the crunch crunch beneath your feet.
Have you ever looked at your gym's weekly class schedule and felt overwhelmed by all the fings on offer? Yoga, pilates, dance, plyometrics... who's got the time? Maybe an Instagram fitness guru, but you're just a humble 9-6 worker with limited time to sculpt a crackin' bod. Enter Popfit's new fitness hybrid - they're rolling all the aforementioned fitness styles into one super sweaty, high energy class that offers full-body conditioning and fun times.
Why does everything taste so much better in bowl form? We're not sure, but these guys are capitalising on spherical tastiness with a yogurt bar where the bowl reigns supreme. Choose between sweet bowls, like mango, pineapple, basil, star anise, and honey; or savoury, such as hummus and za'atar with chickpeas and toasted pine nuts. Everything is locally sourced, natch, and fresh produce is sourced daily. Not big on bowls? They've got sandwiches and soups, too.
Get inside your head at this airy, peaceful haven in hectic central London. The not-for-profit centre is all about advancing mindful practices in this accelerated age. They offer 8-week mindful mediation courses and daylong workshops to stop your stressin' and jump-start some serene feels. The teachers are lovely and super knowledgeable about all matters of the mind.
You might need a second or two to digest the architectural spectacle that is the London Aquatics Centre, built for the Olympics and every bit the fitting stadia of champions. But you don’t have to be an officially recognised champ to splash around here, with the 50m pool used in the Olympic and Paralympic games open to the public. With ten lanes for swimming, and natural light pouring in through the ceiling, you should have plenty of space to get those arms and legs thrashing.
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