Wellness Weekly: 14-20 August

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To find some peace and quiet in this hectic megatropolis, you need to scavenge the hidden crevices of the city - those peaceful fissures in an otherwise frenzied cityscape. Look under, look around, look in those alleys you wouldn't. We promise you'll find something - or you'll just find some mouse-infested rubbish. Either way.
Unleash your spidey senses at this massive climbing centre in Stokey. Housed in a literal castle, this regal climber's utopia is spread over five levels and boasts 450 routes. We're really here for the outdoor bouldering walls - if you close your eyes, you almost feel like you're on an active holiday in Spain. But please don't close your eyes while you're climbing.
Ah yes, the French know how to relax, don't they? They're always on holiday with their mistresses, or on their hourlong cigarette breaks. Take a page out of their book at La Médiathèque, a quiet French language library in South Ken. Even if you've forgotten your French A-Levels completely, it's still an ideal place to kick back and get some peace of mind (or as the French say it, la peace de mind).
Yeah, everyone and their hippie-lite, bangle-wearing mum are into mindfulness these days - but taking a break to look inside your noggin is seriously important in our ever-accelerating world. They offer 8-week mindful mediation courses and daylong workshops to stop your stressin', plus their teachers are super knowledgeable about matters of the mind.
Do you have a ton of pent-up anger that's slowly eating you from the inside? Don't bottle it up until you black out and come to crying on your floor singing "Nothing Compares 2 U" at full volume, work out your issues with a high-octane boxing class at Moreno Boxing. This accessible club welcomes boxers of all levels - from amateur to Rocky.
Get your daily dose at Hackney's juice mecca, Mother Juice Works. It's all here: reclaimed wood, hanging plants, healthy eats, and, above all, colourful juices with intriguing flavour combos made from fresh fruits and veggies. Why eat your food when you can drink it? Silly you.
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