Weekly Gig Guide: 25 April - 1 May

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Ah, the fresh aroma of festival season... it's nearly time to brush the dust off your fanny pack and start frantically searching for your best flower crown (or maybe not). But before you start airing out your gross af tents, you should have a look at our gig guide this week – it's as good as your first post-fest shower. Promise.
Wednesday 26th
Shit hot doesn’t even begin to cover this gig. Migos and Lil Yachty are killing it for culture right now – besides having the sickest tunes, they've also brought dabbing into the world (for better or for worse) and have been pioneering the new era rap slang. If you're a fan of hype rap, the #dab and jumping around, this is the show for you. Just make sure you look bad and boujee.
Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Hailing from one of the most interesting corners of the world, this North Carolinian power couple have been making waves in the bedroom indie scene. Their fuzzed out vocals and lyrics about God, judgment day and the end of the natural world as we know it makes for some nice, comforting listening. We don't know about you, but having an existential crisis to the sound of gorgeous music sounds pretty nice to us.
Inside You
Elvis Depressedly
Thursday 27th
Palace are the kind of band that really stand out in the current music sphere – they're putting out some of the best blues-inspired breezy rock tunes that'll make you wanna ride in a convertible with the top down, all while tackling some heavy shit in their lyrics. If you like the idea of swaying along to some sombre guitars and hearing hilarious self-deprecating jokes, then this is the place to be.
Since we're, erm, y'know, possibly heading towards nuclear warfare and the end of the world as we know it, we thought we'd invite you to a gig to soundtrack the apocalypse. Blanck Mass has been releasing the sickest doomsday dance music with distorted breaks and ambient undertones gliding each track along. If we're all gonna die anyway, we might as well die dancing.
Dead Format
Blanck Mass
Friday 28th
If you think of Oxford Street and get traumatic flashbacks of Union Jack teddy bears and slow af tourists making you late for work, we don't blame you. Still, we'll happily tread down the forsaken street for our fave stoner grunge band, Part Chimp. They're carrying the torch of 90s-sounding wails with fuzzy drone riffs you could blaze to – time to bang your head.
The Saturn Superstition
Part Chimp
To celebrate the Science Museum's new Robots exhibition, they've asked Factory Floor for their own take on the Metropolis soundtrack. It's no secret that dystopian movies and analog techno are cut from the same cloth – expect to hear lots of industrial grooves, high tempo bass and mechanical glitches. This show's sold out, but we know you'll find a way in to rave with some fuckin' robots.
Factory Floor
You may know Arca from his work with some of the most incredible visual artists of recent years, but it’s on his own albums that his sonic cathedral of eerie silences, hymnal chanting and industrial europop really branch out. Songs about queerness, love and violence will leave you feeling like you've been elevated to some sort of higher spiritual plane. All your primal senses will be thanking us.
Monday 1st
It’s no secret that Japan are harbouring some of the sickest post rock bands in the world. But Mouse on the Keys are especially unique – this trio have been smashing out elements of jazz, electronic, minimal and rock all blended into one. Feel free to bring your rave-loving cousin or your guitar-snobby best mate – there's something here for everyone.
Mouse On The Keys
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