Weekly Gig Guide: 19-25 September

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Around this time every year, all your fave bands' booking agents start pulling their finger out to illuminate the rest of your 2017 with sick shows. We doubt they care about you individually, it's probably just a coincidence. But we care about you loads.

This week, experimental soul troubadour Mr Jukes is in town; electronic producer Slow Magic is on the decks; and indie babes JAWS play a cheap show on a Friday night. Get out there and do ya thing.
Tuesday 19th
On Tuesdays, we wear black. It's no surprise that The KVB is a project that moved from Southampton to Berlin – it’s what everyone’s doing these days. Their lo-fi, gloomy aesthetics are catered for those of you who want to get an undercut and move to Kreuzberg, or maybe those of you who just love hard, industrial beats. Whatever reason you love The KVB for, one fact remains: they go in hard, and you should definitely catch them live.
Always Then
Wednesday 20th
You might recognise Jack Steadman - aka Mr Jukes - from his other gig fronting Bombay Bicycle Club, but since they went on hiatus last year, Jack's been having a go at experimental soul and R&B, and he's killing it. His eclectic debut record sees him sample off-kilter artists and collaborate with soul and hip hop legends Charles Bradley and De La Soul. This show is close to selling out (obvs) so don't sleep on it and get down with Mr Jukes.
Colombian babe Lao Ra has been turning heads since she released her banging EP Jesus Made Me Bad, which features party tunes about Pablo Escobar, love, daddy issues and her childhood in Bogota, all sung in the best language of all: Spanglish. Her blend of pop, reggaeton and electronica will absolutely get your legs moving, so best get practicing your Spanish before heading down to Archspace, cuz this is one fiesta you don't want to miss.
Me Gusta
Lao Ra
Kiran Leonard plays oddball, proggy art rock, and he’s bloody brilliant at it. Go back and listen to his last album Grapefruit if you don’t automatically take what we say as gospel - but really you should, mate, it's our job. For this show, he’s jumping through another hoop as he’s rebuilding his live lineup to just strings, piano and his voice. Make your way down to King's Cross and let Kiran Leonard do the preaching.
Pink Fruit
Kiran Leonard
Thursday 21st
Here's something special at the Barbican this Thursday: a night in celebration of director extraordinaire Jim Jarmusch and all of the surreal sounds of his movies. A team of seasoned players - including Alex Kapranos and Mulatu Astatke - take on works from Iggy Pop, Neil Young and Tom Waits to transport you to the whisky-soaked air of a New York basement bar, even if for a few hours. Looks like it's time to rewatch Stranger Than Paradise before Thursday, then. Good luck.
I Wanna Be Your Dog
The Stooges
Friday 22nd
We just bloody love Phil Taggart's nights. We don’t know what power the Radio 1 DJ holds, but he books all of our fave bands at tiny venues on Friday nights, so we’re not complainin'. For this edition he's bringing us Brummie three-piece JAWS, whose washed-out indie tunes have been making waves since 2012. This gig is super stacked for only a tenner, so if you're feeling broke this Friday, head down to Shoreditch with some tinnies and get to know JAWS.
Right in Front of Me
Saturday 23rd
We’re not sure what Slow Magic looks like, but in a world where SBTRKT and Daft Punk all cover their faces in masks, we’re just taking it at face value. Luckily, our visual sense isn't needed here, as the elusive producer will be treating us to blissed-out electronic jams. This show's taking place during regular gig hours, so there isn’t so much pressure to devote an entire night (and Sunday morning) to the cause. Take your time, relax and drift out to sea with some sun-kissed beats - you deserve it.
Slow Magic
If you didn't jump around to 'Sound of Da Police' growing up in the 90s, were you even a 90s kid? Well, if you didn't, now's your chance to right those wrongs, because old skool hip hop legend KRS-One is coming to The Jazz Cafe. He's been slaying the game since the 80s in The Bronx with his politically-charged hip hop - and it's really not often KRS gets down to London, so count ya blessings and head down to Camden for a proper old skool turn-up.
MC's Act Like They Don't Know
Sunday 24th
We’ve had a good smattering of LA post-punk cool kids Cherry Glazerr this year, and as a way to bow out the year, they're taking things to the cosy surroundings of the Lock Tavern with synth player Sasami Ashworth doing a solo gig. Expect stripped-down versions of their noise pop bangers for the princely sum of £0.00. Hey, we may be getting priced out of our homes, but at least we still have our free shows, guys.
Had Ten Dollaz
Cherry Glazerr
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