Weekly Gig Guide: 19-25 February

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Do you see that in the distance? It's the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel; it's the prospect of winter finally starting to let up. Just one more month of cold hell before spring has sprung, which means you've got to celebrate with some banging live music. Conveniently, we've put together an ace gig guide, just for you.
Tuesday 20th
If you haven't noticed, we at Dojo have a bit of a thing for genre-bending music - who needs arbitrary labels, anyway? Falling into this category (oh, the irony) is Son Lux - the experimental trio led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Ryan Lott. They're considered trip hop by most, but their continued exploration of electronic sounds, hip hop samples and pop melodies can hardly be defined. Get down to Scala and make your mind up for yourself.
Son Lux
The best way to start your week off, you ask? We reckon a droney, shoegaze gig. Canadian power duo Nadja are back on our shores for a very special show at The Pickle Factory, where you can see them take their previously ambient material and transform it into a thicker, heavier brand of noise. Since their inception in 2003, they've been experimenting with different soundscapes to bring us a cinematic atmosphere - get your sway on.
Veil of Disillusion
Wednesday 21st
Hailing from Tel Aviv, three-piece Buttering Trio make the kind of music that intimate venues like Archspace were practically designed for - they've got future jazz down perfectly, and this gig is gonna be a belter. Their soul-tinted vocals and electronic beats have garnered fans in Gilles Peterson and Snoop Dogg, so if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us. If you're into Rhye or BadBadNotGood, find yourself here this Wednesday.
I Cried for You
Buttering Trio
Thursday 22nd
After all the incredible mixtapes and EPs, Queen Kelela finally heard our desperate pleas and released her critically-acclaimed debut, 'Tear Me Apart'. It's a collection of forward-thinking, straight-up future R&B songs, and her live shows are no less innovative. Here you can expect to see her off-kilter productions and harmonies colliding all at once. Prepare to get all up in your feelings and also get all up in your slut drop - she brings it all.
Imagine BadBadNotGood infused with a little Afrobeat and some off-beat electronica and you're on the way to getting to grips with the music of Hector Plimmer. At Ghost Notes he'll be bringing his unique sound live and we reckon this is a hot one. He's got the backing of the likes of Gilles Peterson, Kutmah, Alexander Nut, MNDSGN, Dego, Kaidi, Max Graef & Glenn Astro and, most importantly of all, Dojo.
Let's Stay
Hector Plimmer
Happy Thursday! You're just one day away from the weekend, where you can drink to your heart's content, then spend the next day re-playing every cringeworthy thing you said the night before, over and over. But no need to fret just yet - instead, get down to Archspace for a shakedown. Nabihah Iqbal - fka Throwing Shade - has come back stronger than ever, stepping in a new dream pop direction, and now she's playing her new tunes for us all live. Don't sleep on this one.
Something More
Nabihah Iqbal
Friday 23rd
We're all currently struggling through the the dead of winter, but what if we told you that we could make the cold disappear, if only for a few hours? Canadian sweeties Alvvays are shining light on our turf again - this time for their biggest-ever headline show. Their guitar-driven dream pop will be sure to transport you to a sunnier place, so ditch your coat in the cloakroom and dance around like it's summer again.
Dreams Tonite
There's definitely something in the air in Paris, because all our fave dream pop acts seem to hail from the City of Lights. Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Halo Maud holds true to this statement - her hazy, reverb-laden vocals and slow-moving guitars come together to make a sound so dreamy, that you'll just about float away. Head down to The Waiting Room, brush up on your French, and vibe along to the tunes with a G&T in hand.
Halo Maud
Saturday 24th
When was the last time you woke up feeling fresh after a big night out? Yeah, we can't remember either. There's a first time for everything though, which is why this early curfew Indian Wells gig at Birthdays is hittin' all the right spots. The Italian producer makes moody electronica that lends itself to extreme shape-cutting and the whole night is over by 11pm, so get your moves in, have a few beers, and be in bed by midnight.
Indian Wells
Sunday 25th
You might recognise the name Cory Wong from his usual stint as guitarist in Vulfpeck, but if you don't, it's seriously time you get to know. Besides sprinkling his fresh guitar licks on the band's excellent tunes, he also makes music of his own, and now he's coming to Archspace to play it. He's played alongside the legendary Bootsy Collins, Questlove, Ben Rector and more, so you can expect to having a big ol' Sunday shuffle at this gig. Don't miss it.
Work It Out
Cory Wong
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