Weekly Gig Guide: 16-22 October

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Take a look around you; the autumnal colours of the decaying trees, the crisp coolness of the air, the look of despair on everyone's face when the temperature drops below 10 celsius... It must be gig season, friends. There's a hot show happening every night this week, so why not warm up in a music venue?
Monday 16th
Like every good love story, it all started at a record shop - boy wanders into shop, boy finds vinyl, boys falls in love with music, repeat. The classic formula. This is no different for soul troubadour, Andrew Ashong, who creates a concoction of Bill Withers-esque vocals, lo-fi productions and blips of electronica sprinkled in for good measure. This show is nearly sold out, so don't slack on this cat - who knows, you might fall in love too.
Andrew Ashong
Tuesday 17th
St Vincent is the master of the reinvention. After making a name for herself as an indie darling over a decade, she's progressed to becoming of the most exciting art poppers of our time. Her sludgy bass over oddball art rock make her one of the most badass musicians we know - just make sure not to ask her any questions about playing guitars in heels. This will no doubt sell out, so put your money where you mouth is, and go see her shred.
St. Vincent
Chad Vangaalen's got more talents than we could dream of - he's a musician, producer, animator and illustrator (and more, but we're too jel to go on). Lately he's been busy releasing four incredible albums, all full of experimental electronic folk songs that twist and turn with each play. This time, he's bringing his live show to Oslo, complete with a backdrop of his wildest illustrations. Sound intriguing? Better get a ticket, then.
Red Hot Drops
Chad VanGaalen
Wednesday 18th
If you're feelin' angry, wild or just fuckin' good, then you've got a friend in this killer double-bill. Priests have hit all of our post-punk sweet spots - they've nailed the soulful vocals, bouncy drums and jangly guitars; Downtown Boys take punk and present it through a queer femme Latinx lense, which is a necessary change-up in the white, cishet male-dominated genre. We like our punk like we like our surroundings - femme-fronted and raucous af. See you there.
Nothing Feels Natural
There's no doubt that Chicago has bred some of the most influential artists of our time, but there's something special in the air when it comes to the jazz scene in Chi Town. Total Refreshment Centre is bringing us a rare London show from jazz drummer Makaya McCraven, whose improvisational style is just as upbeat as it is lo-fi. If you're lookin' for a gig that'll transport you straight to a dive bar in Downtown Chicago, this is your best bet.
Slightest Right
Makaya McCraven
Thursday 19th
From living the indie dream in The History of Apple Pie to smashing art techno beats in clubs, it's fair to say Kelly Lee Owens has come a long way. This year she came at us with her debut record, which was a collection of techno-pop songs made for the club. The way she mixes ethereal vocals, thumping beats and spectral pop is equal to none, so make an exception this Thursday night and cut some shapes. You know Thursday is basically Friday anyway.
Kelly Lee Owens
Friday 20th
You've probably heard of Pinkshinyultrablast being referred to as 'that sick shoegaze Russian band', which we can't argue with, tbh. But Pinkshinyultrablast is more layered than that - they blend reverb-y guitars, electronic beats and Cocteau Twins-esque vocals. Instead of those plane-taking-off sounds that some of their genre peers have, they serve dream pop sound to bop your head to. Venture down to The Garage and lose yourself in the sounds.
Holy Forest
When waitressing was no longer cutting it for multi-instrumentalist Soph Nathan, she decided to find three more like-minded pals to shack up with in a studio and make some tunes that would change the track for indie. It all worked out, and now they're known as The Big Moon - four gals making jangly indie bops that tackle everything from mental health to loves lost. If you're a fan of Elastica's effortless cool or Graham Coxon's scrappy guitars, then this is your jam.
Saturday 21st
We know we don't have to introduce Curtis Mayfield to you - we know you're in the know, because you're the best. Whether you prefer his blistering funk or sweet-as-hell soul, he's made a tune for every human emotion possible. The Jazz Cafe is paying tribute the only way it can: with a live orchestral tribute to The Man himself. So, grab your mam, your dad and all your mates, because this night has one purpose and one purpose only: to celebrate the life and music of one of the world's greatest soul icons.
Move On Up
Curtis Mayfield
Sunday 22nd
Club culture is your one mate who just refuses to go home and ends up at a squat party in Dalston for 12 hours on a Sunday - we all have that one mate. Thankfully, Tycho is here to show us that you can have a big ol' boogie without feeling super rough the next day - so let them gently massage your soul with melancholic techno. Add an early curfew to the mix and you've got your Sunday night sorted, complete with beauty sleep. Beautiful.
A Walk
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