Weekly Gig Guide: 15-21 August

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From a hype grime turn-up with CASisDEAD, to the woke spoken word of The Last Poets, to the art rock bangers of Everything Everything - this week's Gig Guide is lookin' out for ya. We know it's scarily close to payday and we're all broke af, so we've thrown in a generous amount of free shows too. Go on, get out there.
Tuesday 15th
You may have heard of Andrew Hung through his day job in Fuck Buttons, but five years later, his solo project emerges with a special (and free) headline show at The Social. Instead of the usual kick-your-fuckin'-house-down synths, it’s a more mellow affair with oddball pop melodies. We’re not entirely sure why this show is free - Andrew Hung is bloody huge - but hey, we're not complaining. Seize this rare moment and get down to Soho.
Fizzy Barf
Andrew Hung
Pssst... fancy some Tuesday evening plans but your wallet says no? Luckily, atmospheric folkster Laucan is treating us to a free album launch show in Stokey's premiere basement, The Waiting Room. With tunes that twist and wind around his breathy falsetto, we wouldn't blame you for thinking that he's C Duncan and cabin-era Bon Iver's secret musical lovechild. Get down, and let the musical therapy wash over you - lord knows we all need it.
Up Tomorrow
Wednesday 16th
Dego's influence on dance music in the UK is second to none - the visionary DJ has been shaking clubs up since the late 90s, and he's shown no signs of slowing down. His genre-bending tunes dabble in everything from soul, acid-house and funk to broken beat, techno and boogie. Is there anything this man can't do? We think not - which is why you have to get down to The Jazz Cafe and lose yourself in his funky set. You won't regret it, pinky promise.
Ankle Injury
We know what you're thinking - 2am finish on a week night, wtf are Dojo playing at? Yea, but this gig is totally worth the desk yawns the next morning - XOYO are celebrating their 5th birthday in style with help from masked grime MC CASisDEAD. We've been biggin' up his brand of woozy Drive soundtrack beats and dark rhymes for ages, and now he's blessing us again with a live show. For those of you who love a mid-week thrill, this is where it's fuckin' at.
Before This
The four pals behind Allah-Las met working at Amoeba Records, aka one of the most famous record shops in LA, and decided to start a killer garage rock band, just like that. Their sun-kissed guitar pop sounds wouldn't sound out of place in your fave 60s film - so whether you're walking along the beach or taking the bus on a winter's night, these reverb-soaked tunes have got your back. Get down to Electric Ballroom to experience the magic.
If you're looking for a Thursday night turn-up, look no further. You may know Monki from her Radio 1 DJ residency, but her real forte comes in the form of her own bass-heavy house tunes. In celebration of her new EP launch, she's joining forces with some special guests and even providing complimentary drinks for the first 100 peeps to come in. And, er, did we mention this whole fiasco is free? We don't know what more convincing you need, mate.
The Shapeshifter - Original Mix
Friday 18th
Soundway Records are the undisputed gods of taking the hassle out of searching for sick Afrobeat releases. For the past 15 years, the label have brought the colourful sounds of Africa to our ears, ranging from Ghanaian funk to experimental artists like Flamingods and The Heliocentrics. It goes without saying that there's a glut of riches from Africa, and if you’re feeling lost on where to start - this gig is the perfect place for your first lesson.
Self Reliance
African Brothers
Remember when you had Myspace and no one understood you? Conor was there, strumming his understanding guitar. What about when your first bae dumped you? There he was, writing songs that said all the right things. Now's your chance to let him heal you IRL at his headline show, where you can expect to hear both his heart-wrenching solo material and his much-loved Bright Eyes tunes. Make sure you get there early.
One of My Kind
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
Saturday 19th
We know, we know, the band name is a bit off-putting, but these four cis-blokes are bringing the heat with their experimental post-punk tunes. Housewives' sound can only be described as a raucous, melodic, punchy mess, in the best way possible - think of Preoccupations at their dizziest and you're golden. Expect to see them play homemade instruments (for reals) and be ready to get moody with their snarling bangers. Don't miss it.
Life Swell
Sunday 20th
If you've not heard of the Last Poets yet, you'll want to listen up. Since forming on Malcom X's birthday back in the late 60s, these lot have been releasing politically-charged spoken word that's offered strength and resilience to those who've had the privilege of hearing their tunes. If you miss the street rhymes of Gil Scott Heron, or love A Tribe Called Quest's pensive flow, this is the show for you. Get down and let their poignant bars wash over you.
When the Revolution Comes
The Last Poets
Monday 21st
Fancy watching a face-meltingly good show in a record shop? Cool, read on then. Since erupting onto the scene a decade ago, these four lads have been dabbling in everything - frenetic pop, maximal synths, electronica, indie rock, Afrobeat - you bloody name it. So follow us to Rough Trade East, where you can see them for a fraction of the price and get their banging new record thrown in for good measure. It's irresistible. Do the right thing.
Warm Healer
Everything Everything
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