Weekend Shakedowns: 8-10 December

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The Christmas season is in full swing, lads. Your favourite former-Eastenders actor from 20 years ago has just switched on your local Christmas lights, you're about 80% Baileys right now, and your advent calendar has already been decimated. What a great time it is, but don't forget, there's some pretty bangin' club nights going on too.
Friday 8th
All good things must come to an end and, unfortunately, that includes the regular parties from Glasgow promoters Huntleys + Palmers. To celebrate they're throwing one of their final nights with a stellar line-up of family members past and present. PC Music staple SOPHIE, the global inclinations of Auntie Flo and Wolf Müller, Mehmet Aslan, Permanent Vacation, LAPS, Zozo, and the rest of the team are on board, so make sure you are too.
Unsound are usually known for their techno heavy events in Poland, but as they head to London for their first residency they promise a night of dark Electronica, experimental sound, and more than a few out-there surprises. Noise will come in the form of Nivhek, Marcel Weber, The Caretaker, Felicita ft. Ślask Song and Dance Ensemble, and Rabih Beaini, plus there's a surprise late-license for the night.
Tanki Tanki - Rabih Beaini Edit
Rene Bendali
The cosmic duo of Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston return to Hackney Wick's Bloc to chart a night of arpeggiated electronic wonders and slo-mo sci-fi chuggers below 120BPM. For seven hours you'll be treated to a voyage into the mind of two of London's most esteemed, longstanding selectors - so get yourself festive, and dive on in.
A Love from Outer Space
A.R. Kane
Hypercolour are the label bringing rave into the 21st century and are one of the UK's greatest musical outlets. Long-standing aficionado Luke Vibert will head up the whole thing while a hand-picked selection of label-mates including The Cyclist (Buz Ludzha), Cedric Maison, Ste Roberts, and special guest MC Tom Demac will handle Noel-themed proceedings throughout the night.
Unputdownable - Tom Demac Remix
Róisín Murphy
Arca's music resonates with all the doomful ferocity of the most beautiful panic attack you've ever experienced. He's a pretty great DJ too, with sets that span everything from dark and ferocious Techno to Bubblegum Pop and Post-Dubstep. The equally-as-incredible musician, film scorer, and general genius Mika Levi will be in support, alongside all manner of bonkers music.
Saturday 9th
Block9 and NYC Downlow are the big dogs of Glastonbury's debauched corner of unrivalled hedonism, disco madness, sweat-inducing euphoria, and basically everything clubbing should be. We'd throw our hands up and say that both Block9 and NYC Downlow are the two best clubbing experiences available here in Blighty, and now they're escaping the fields of Somerset for their first ever, fully-fledged London club night.
Final Credits
Toddla T's winter bonanza is a true celebration of London sound, enlisting some of the best talent this fine city has to offer, with a few curveballs thrown in there for good measure. The Dreem Teem, Jus Now x Dismantle, P Montana, Afro B, Jamz Supernova, Stush, and Snoochie Sky will be spanning global bass and pulsating riddims throughout the night, so come along, warm your cockles, and get cosy.
We get it, Christmas is a time when you have to spend some of your waking hours with people you hate. With that in mind, what more could you ask for than to throw down with some bona fide legends. Feelings is getting festive with a celebration of house music past and present as Todd Edwards, Mood II Swing, and DJ Slyngshot head up this all-night-long homage in The City.
Episode 2, Todd Edwards
Daft Punk
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