Weekend Shakedowns: 21st - 23rd April

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April just feels like one big, extra long holiday doesn't it? With so many days off to enjoy and many an excuse to fill yourselves with chocolate-based goods and strong, canned Polish lager, it feels like the entire UK population is operating consistently drunk and lethargic. And what a great feeling that is, long may it continue. Thankfully, it can, with our weekend picks.
Friday 21st April
What’s better than being lead through a sweat-fuelled all-nighter by two guys in the company of 300 other people doing the same? Nothing, that's what. Brought to you by the cool folks of the Ran$om Note, Lord Sabre and longstanding London icon Andrew Weatherall joins the cosmic disco producer Baris K for a masterclass in slo-mo electronic music at The Colombian, one of our most favourite new venues.
Oyun Havasi
Bariş K
While the name sounds like one of those nu-rave t-shirts Topman were selling for a while, ‘Drop Bass Not Bombs’ is actually being presented by the Stop The War coalition. If you want to relive the Second Summer Of Love, where the pills were stronger and the music was better, then look no further, as Manchester acid-house pioneer and Voodoo Ray creator A Guy Called Gerald brings his hardware lovin’ live set to south London. There will also be a screening of "We Are Many", a new documentary looking into the story behind the biggest protest in history. Film then a 5am rave? Fuck yes.
Voodoo Ray
A Guy Called Gerald
Now that the time has finally come where we can bask in the sunshine and showcase our slightly less pale bodies like some sort of burnt, huaraches-wearing Greek Adonis, we need a soundtrack to it as well. Cue Afriquoi, the London five-piece fusing traditional music and instrumentation from across Africa with the sound of British electronic music. Imagine soca from south London or calypso from Croydon, and you’re almost there. Believe us when we say that this cannot be missed.
Belters. Whoppers. Screamers. Bangers. Pingers. Yes, there are many words one can use to describe an absolutely stellar track, something the guys at Huntleys & Palmers are more than aware of as they’ve only just spent the last bloody decade releasing them. Born in Glasgow and home to the likes of Sophie (PC Music), Auntie Flo, Mehmet Aslan, Huntleys & Palmers bring some of their dearest to The Yard, with world-spanning electronica and house music inspired by the African nation coming from Innershades, Petwo Evans and Andrew Thomson. Bring cake.
Su La feat. Anbuley
Auntie Flo
Named after Ricky Martin’s hips (maybe, we don’t know for sure), the Hypnotic Tango crew look to the sun-kissed inspirations of Italo-disco and electro and bring those to the grey, damp, cloudy shores of London. Welcoming the Australian balearic DJ Hysteric alongside MWX and Wave Energy Converter expect an NRGetic night of sound-system testing bass and beeps and the most colourful, 130BPM 70s Italian-inspired favourites this side of Sicily.
Sleeping Rough - Original Mix
Craig Richards
Saturday 22nd April
If you’re looking for some sort of high intensity rave, hip-hop, jungle, techno and IDM amalgamation of who-the-fuck-knows-what-kind-of-music-this-is, then look no further than Clark as he heads to Electric Brixton for his biggest live show yet. If you're familiar with his work, which touches on Squarepusher like electronics and the hardest corners of the acid-house era, you'll already know that he is probably the closest you’ll ever get to pure, ecstasy-driven euphoria... outside of listening to Celine Dion’s Greatest Hits with a bottle of poppers, that is.
Peak Magnetic
If you're not too fussed about all the daytime goings on of Record Store Day this year, or if you just want to carry on the party once the shops are shut, then Corsica's got you covered. Bringing together some of London's finest electronic music collectives, from NTS Radio and Worldwide FM to Church and RUF KUTZ, the likes of Seb Wildblood, Throwing Shade, ATLAS and Glowing Palms will keep you sweating until the early morn. Ditch your day's record purchases by hiding them in a bush somewhere and delve in.
Marble Air
Throwing Shade
They say it’s grim up north, and sometimes they have a point. But one thing that the north can be proud of is their ability to have a party, and thankfully the cool cats from the brilliant Deptford Northern Soul Club know what’s up. Housed in The Bunker, relive a time when flares and talcum powder lit up the dancefloor as DJs Maz Phiri, Lewis J. Henderson, William J. Foot, Seb Buren and more bring the best cuts from Detroit’s past to Deptford’s present.
Marble Air
Throwing Shade
Sunday 23rd April
Listen up folks, we have news to report. Shakespeare is alive and well and is booked in to play a rave in Hoxton. Ok we lie, it's not really that Shakespeare but over at The Lion & Lamb he's back in some form or another for a very special all-dayer. The twist? All the guests playing are a total secret until they grace the decks on the day, and seeing as though these parties have welcomed the likes of Seth Troxler and Craig Richards in the past, be assured that these special guests will be pretty fucking special.
Sleeping Rough - Original Mix
Craig Richards
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