Weekend Shakedowns: 18-20 August

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You know what the deal is by now. We tell you where best to party this weekend, and because we're #edgy with our fingers on the #pulse you can trust us completely. This weekend is no different as we hand pick the very best nights for you to blow your hard earned cash on, leaving you with nothing more than a hangover and a slight sense of regret, you lucky scamps.
Friday 18th
Organised fun is great. Who doesn’t want to get ready for a night out with a rigorously prepared 50-slide long Powerpoint presentation? Now, Organised Fun bring the Australian cosmic house-maestro Tornado Wallace and LDN’s Rhythm Sister crew to the dancefloor-cum-restaurant rave space that is The Colombian. In true organised fun fashion, you should buy your tickets in advance as this may sell out quickly.
Today (feat. Sui Zhen)
Tornado Wallace
'What’s summer?' We ask, for this year has been truly pants. Yet ever the optimists, globe-trotting selectors Banana Hill head back to Hackney Wick’s The Yard for a summer celebration. Opting to take over the decks themselves, Banana Hill residents Cervo and JVC take you through a night of disco, soul, Afrobeat, house, techno, footwork, kuduro and jumbaton. Ok, we made up that last genre, but you get the idea.
We’ll have no arguments here; Mr Bongo are one of the UK’s greatest musical exports. For over twenty years now Mr Bongo have been scouring the earth for long-forgotten funk, latin and disco classics, and what better way for them to showcase their selections than with an all-night set in the depths of Peckham? Believe us when we say you should not miss this.
Par Ney De Castro
London’s premier dance hole XOYO celebrate their half decade birthday this weekend. Everyone’s favourite pathetic ex-boyfriend Drake has even walked through its doors, but for its big birthday blow out XOYO leave the dancefloor in the more than capable controls of acid-wizard Erol Alkan who’ll be playing an all-night set. Happy birthday XOYO, you beautifully horrible bastard, you.
A Hold On Love
Erol Alkan
Saturday 19th
Rest assured that the Wick can still offer up some incredible nights, and Origins is one of them. Dan Shake is Detroit soul personified in a twenty-something Yorkshireman whose tastes lean towards funk, jazz, soul and house music. Donna Leake will be taking to the controls too, a London-born DJ who possesses one of the best record bags in this fine stinkhole of a city.
Dan Shake
London-don-DJ Josey Rebelle’s slogan is 'heavyweight selections first and foremost' and who are we to argue? Her regular Rinse FM show has become the go-to spot for house, garage, weirded out jazz and broken beats, and as she descends on The Pickle Factory with the Tief crew she's bound to keep you dancing all-night long. Like the Lionel Richie classic.
The Zoo
Beautiful Swimmers
Hey, you don’t need an excuse to celebrate what may be the greatest club in the history of, well, ever. It’s been over 40 years since Studio 54 opened its doors to New York’s disco elite, and while Camden’s The Jazz Café may not match it in terms of extravagance, hedonism, debauchery and literally every other asset which Studio 54 did so well, you better believe they’re going to try.
If you’re going to catch one Worldwide FM resident in the flesh then make it Esa, Ata Kak band member and purveyor of all things funky from South Africa. Welcoming SA icon Mim Suleiman and the Dutch dance floor duo Beesmunt Soundsystem to The Yard for the second instalment of his summer series, Esa will really be bringing the heat.
Maso Maso
Mim Suleiman
Sunday 20th
You know the score - it's Jaded, the early-morning rave at Corsica Studios, welcoming us all down for more stupid o'clock madness. Dark cavernous rooms of chest rattling techno? Check. The strong smell of sweat emanating from a dancefloor gremlin who’s spent three days straight in the clubs of London instead of adhering to basic hygiene standards? You better believe it.
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