Weekend Shakedowns: 15-17 September

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It's that time again. Yes, you've put in minimal effort throughout your working week, you've barely lifted a finger and now you must reward yourself by shovelling as much alcoholic liquid down your throat as you can because hey, you're human, and it helps make this thing that we call life enjoyable. So come along and do it in style with our Weekend Shakedowns.
Friday 15th
Throughout the entirety of September UNKLE main man James Lavelle will be ushering in his nearest and dearest to the hallowed walls of The Jazz Cafe. For the inaugural showcase, Lavelle celebrates the work of Mo Wax, the UK hip hop label that singlehandedly turned nerds into b-boys, geeks into junglists and music fans into spray can wielding menaces to society throughout the ‘90s. For those who want to keep it old school, then make this your destination.
Looking for the Rain
Pubs are great. In fact, the worst part is leaving them to head to the club, but in The Lion & Lamb that’s nothing to worry about as pub and club are one. This weekend, R&S Records favourite Lone brings his brand of modern day rave and hardcore to L&L, putting its pristine sound-system through its paces for a free charity shindig.
To say disco supposedly died in 1979, it’s stuck around for a fucking long time. But this time we have the chance to relive disco in all its glory (until the next time) with One Night at The Disco, who bring Dimitri From Paris to Electric Brixton. Expect fancy dress, glitter, and everything else you hate but are forced to enjoy because society - all for just £33.
They say 3 is the magic number, but 2... is also a good number for the purposes of this introduction. Salt-N-Pepa, Corbyn and a bag of cans, great things come in two, and John Talabot and Axel Boman are just another duo to prove that point. Coming together as Talaboman (geddit?) the two ambient/electronic producers will do a Lionel Richie and perform all night long at Hackney Wick’s Bloc.
Safe Changes
Saturday 16th
Boko! Boko! Are the bombastic crew of DJs who play sound-system bangers and underground cuts from across Africa at breakneck speed. They’re the most frenetic thing you’ll find this side of a Sierra Leone street party, and as they takeover The Alibi for a friends & co. special, they’ll be playing the bass-heavy street sounds of the future right in the heart of Dalston.
I Like Your Girlfriend
Bryte x Gafacci
DJ Katapila is a wedding DJ, first and foremost. No, he won’t be singing ‘Lady In Red’ to a room of bewildered, Carling drinking guests in a village hall somewhere. DJ Katapila is the sound of Ghanaian street music, a club DJ for over 20 years, an Awesome Tapes From Africa mainstay who’ll make you groove like few others can.
Trotro (Instrumental)
DJ Katapila
Goodbye summer, we barely knew ye. But we’re not going away quietly, as Feelings host an all day and night Detroit special, splitting their time between Red Shoreditch in the day and Village Underground at night. Detroit icon Kevin Saunderson, Patrice Scott, Byron The Aquarius and a host of Detroit specials will be at the helm of this 14-hour party.
Into The Future - Extended Mix
Kevin Saunderson
Sunday 17th
No matter how many times you see Bradley Zero play you look forward to the next time and this weekend is no exception, as he trades his Peckham digs for Tottenham and joins the dansa gang at Styx for a Sunday dance. It’s probably the final time you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors too, so make it count.
Love Me Again - FYI Chris Remix
The Invisible
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