Weekend Agenda: 9-11 November

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The Earth has done its five agonisingly slow rotations and it's about to do the two shockingly quick ones. Time to buckle up and get planning stuff before you're back in the slow lane, figuring out the best way to shut down your office for 'health' and 'safety' reasons without poisoning anyone. On the docket this weekend we've got plants, plays and food for days.
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Events that you might enjoy
They used to say a picture is worth 1000 words - but one look at your Insta feed would suggest quite the opposite. That continuous scroll of categorically worthless photographs shows how much the role of the photograph has changed in the past decade. This show at the Photographers' Gallery is all about this changing nature, and what part, if any, snaps can play in setting truth from untruth.
Zadie Smith's breakout novel, White Teeth, dove deep into the eclectic communities of Kilburn with a cast of well realised, complex and colourful characters. Well, now those characters will be coming to life at the Kiln Theatre - right in the heart of Kilburn Town - in a play with original songs by playwright Stephen Sharkley and directed by Inda Rubasingham.
We're currently living through our own 'Tulip Frenzy', with everyone and their nan losing their minds over plants. Next time you're out and about, shout the words, 'free succulents!' and watch as everyone in earshot turns on each other in a bloody brawl to be the first to get one. Get down to Peckham Springs this weekend to watch the carnage first-hand at this pop up flower market, with food by Kerb.
If Bonfire Night didn't elicit enough 'ooo's and 'ahh's, fear not, because the season of the enchanted, lit-up walks is upon us. Parks all over the capital are rigging up their woodlands with all manner of LEDs for you to stroll around, mitten-in-mitten with someone you like. This one is in Twickenham but well worth the air fare.
Food and drink stuff
Okonomiyaki translates to essentially, 'whatever you want, grilled' - which is an option we'd like to see on more menus. The Institute of Light's current kitchen residency is all about the Hiroshima style, which consists of layer upon layer of stuff that we have an abundance of time for: crepes, pork belly, crunchy cabbage, egg noddles, a goddamn omelette. It's heart-warming stuff.
Taking inspo from the hole-in-the-wall kebab houses and street vendors of Tehran, this new Iranian eatery is brimming with the enticing, smoking smells of grilled meats as well as being an absolute stunner. It's from JKS, the restaurant powerhouse behind Hoppers, Gymkhana and Trishna, who have won more awards than Daniel Day-Lewis. Best to get down here soon before the hype gets too much.
One of our favourite neighbourhood pubs, The Rose and Crown has some new kids in the kitchen, and we're digging what they're putting out. A pillowy soft bao bun filled with all the flavours of your local chicken shop tower burger; a red curry bolognaise with udon noodles; and a sloppy-as-heck poutine all sharing a menu is gonna ruffle some feathers, but sometimes you like a little ruffle, don't you?
Berber & Q in Clerkenwell are hosting a string of wine tastings throughout November celebrating the diverse soils of the world (frankly, we think it's about time soil got its time in the limelight). This Sunday is Magma and will see top grape selectors Margaux Aubry Sharratt and Dominik Ginzinger discussing volcanic wines. Expect obscure bottles with stories behind them at entry level prices.
OGs of the scene
It's two stops in Kilburn this week, because if you're in these ends and don't find yourself devouring a kubali palow from Ariana II at some point, you've done something wrong. This charmingly kitsch restaurant has built a name for itself for its delicious, exciting and cheap Afghan fodder. The kubali palow is a tender lamb shank on a bed of the most fragrant rice and is essential ordering - as is the leak turnover and pumpkin puree.
BGWMC is what dreams are made of. Like a retro utopia where inclusivity reigns supreme and pretension is a thing of the past. There's regular karaoke, comedy and drag, pints are £4, and the crowd here is maybe the friendliest collection of oddballs you'll find anywhere in London. Spend an evening here and you'll even start to believe that you're a good person yourself.
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