Your Weekend Agenda: 13-15 July

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Depending on when you read this, football is either nearly home, or has suddenly started ghosting us: ignoring our calls, Instagramming pics with France, and replying to our texts with 'new phone who dis'... was it something we said? Anyway, come celebrate/commiserate our commendable/abysmal performance at these prime picks.
Friday 13th
#1 Plough through some banging street food
Spend these sweltering nights lapping up street food at Hackney Downs Night Market. As the sun sets over Hackney's industrial badlands, make sure you're well equipped with a vegan kebab in one hand, a pillowy bao bun in the other, and a belly full of juicy Caribbean jerk anchoring you down. This is what summer was made for, baby.
#2 Catch some late-night art
It seems ever since that irksome Brexit vote people won't stop harking on about reclaiming our good ol' fashioned British identity. But what the heck do they even mean? This gallery late will be giving it a stab and spending a night dedicated to quintessentially British trips to the seaside. Expect a whole host of sea-side related workshops; a live band putting on a cockney sing-a-long; Eye Magazine exploring the legacy of legendary British illustrator Edward Bawden; and vegan fish and chips.
#3 Show Donald Trump who's boss
If you haven't already heard, Donald Trump, aka, Mr Oompa Loompa, King of the Cretins, official Assaulter-in-Chief, and all-round 'bad dude', is coming to town on Friday the 13th. Now, we at Dojo aren't superstitious types, but that is rather... ominous. If you're looking for a good base during the protests, this party at Soho Radio could be just the place. It's BYOB, with a stellar line up of DJs including the likes of Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Seth Troxler and Heidi, to name a few.

Saturday 14th
#4 Get that #purfeck Insta pic
Well, you know how the old saying goes - if a tree falls and no one is there to 'gram it, did it even happen? Make sure everyone knows about your day by biking through London's back doors equipped with a 35mm film camera courtesy of Kodak and some photogenic wheels from tokyobike. The tour will take you from the Thames' picturesque riverside scenery to Richmond's luscious greenery, with plenty photography breaks along the way.
#5 Sink your teeth into some good honest pasta
Fresh pasta bars are a dime a dozen these days, but that's only because they're so damn good. This new joint from ex-head chef of Locanda Locatelli (bougie, Michelin-starred Italian) strikes the delicate balance between casual and fancy to a tee. Take a seat at the marble-top counter for prime pasta watching, order a cacio e pepe for £8 and kick back with appropriate levels of smug.
#6 Be moved by some powerful theatre
Watch a bunch of chiseled bodies strut, flex and contort themselves on Sadler's Wells' Dionysian-inspired stage. Hailing from Israel, L-E-V is a dance group who pride themselves on exploring hard-to-swallow topics in compelling and bold ways. Don't miss Love Chapter 2, which will be picking apart obsessive-compulsive disorder against a swelling string orchestra - powerful stuff, bro.
Sunday 15th
#7 Show your face at the latest Hackney hotspot
Night Tales Bohemia Place is London Field's latest hotspot set in two railway arches complete with 4,000 square feet of sun drenched garden - that's a lot of sun drenched garden. They've brought some delicious, if slightly overpriced, treats from Rudie's, grilled Japanese nosh from Fat Baby, pizza from the Slice Guys and Jewish-inspired grub from the Good Egg crew. What else? DJs and cocktails of course.
#8 Take a break from the city hustle
We love Dalston Eastern Curve Garden more than words can express. But this is our job, so let's give it a go. This community-based garden, cafe and cotch area is set on an old railway with wood chippings on the floor, string bulbs lighting up the place, £6 pizzas (or the option of bringing your own food), beers and cocktails, and the most friendly sorts in town. It's a wonderful place to pass the time, so do it.
#9 Doll up a ceramic plate
If you're feeling a little bit fragile from Saturday night's escapades, or have gone ham on the sun and are feeling the burn, a Sunday afternoon spent painting pottery in an air conditioned room sounds a bit of alright - don't it? Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this cutesy spot flogs a selection of ceramic goodies that you can jazz up with anything you like. So fetch.
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