Weekend Agenda: 12-14 October

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Careful with this one, folks, it's so damn hot you might just burn yourself. On the docket we've got art of the personal kind, beer unfiltered, and an ornate museum open late. Not to mention food to fill your food hole and drinks to perk you up. Best to proceed with caution and don't forget your safety goggles.
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Events you could hit up:
Can you even call it a weekend without a poignant deep-dive into loss, psychosis and depression? Not in our book. Hannah Perry's captivating show at Somerset House uses large-scale dynamic installation, sculpture and film to surround the viewer in a personal insight into her recent experiences with grief. It's powerful, heavy stuff - not something you'll want to miss.
For something a little lighter, head to this Leighton House Late, where the museum will be awake till 9pm in all its opulent glory. Exploring the tiled Arab Hall with the lights dimmed, flowing drinks and live jazz, the atmosphere turns into something different altogether, with a strong hint of mystery.
Polly Nor's digital illustrations have become pretty emblematic of modern womanhood and the concerns around sexuality, body image, anxiety and relationships in a socially connected digital age. In her latest exhibition she lays bare the topics she wouldn't normally feel comfortable discussing in public - hence the name. Expect the usual appearances from her devil on the shoulder, new ceramic sculptures and original hand-drawn illustrations.
For some reason the idea of beer being poured direct from the tank makes the whole thing more exciting - like some kind of Viking mead sesh. Camden Brewery are on that vibe and throwing a tank party with street food, unfiltered beers, live music and workshops - sounds like a fine place to plonk yourself down for some afternoon revelry.
Wigging out in a kaleidoscopic dreamworld is certainly one way to handle a Saturday night, and where better than Cave Club? Hosted by Rhys Webb (of The Horrors) at Moth Club, this month's edition will see The Shadracks take the stage to play fuzzy, nostalgia-tinged music from their debut self-titled LP. Nothing like some fun-time garage rock to get you jumping around like you’re 16 again.
If the glittered walls of Moth Club aren't quite your thing, there's a more refined affair going down at Kew. The newly re-opened Temperate House will be open on Friday and Saturday evening for a spot of beverage sipping. With 12 wines and 6 beers from around the globe, you'll have a chance to sample them whilst learning a thing or two about their origins and the growing processes behind them. This one screams, 'DATE NIGHT' - much like you should be doing at the start of all your dates.
Places to eat and drink:
These days, if your Chinese cooking isn't regional, what are you even doing? Ellen Parr and Pete Kelly know this and have spent a decent amount of time travelling and getting to know the nuances of different regions of China. From cold sesame noodles to Xinjiang chicken, their menu is like a guided tour; one that is made all the better with a Tsingtao in hand.
The people of Queen's Park weren't particularly starved of delicious, stylish brunch spots - but they have a new one and we can't hear anyone complaining. This one is setting itself apart with natural wines, excellent small plates, spot-on coffee and Pinterest-worthy decor. Come for an eggy avo brunch, stay for some award winning coffee beans, and get stuck in with an evening of primo vino and poached seabass.
Timeless Classics:
As more and more of your colleagues start falling ill with Miscellaneous Seasonal Illnesses, you might be looking for an escape from your germ-ridden, windowless office. In the Barbican area there is no better place for remote working than this serene oddity. It's intended for the studying and listening to of music which means it has plenty of private booths with headphones; it's a true oasis in brutalist surrounds.
Perhaps the most lively and exciting food hub in town, Maltby Street Market is the beating heart of Bermondsey. With rotating street-food stalls on one side and some gastronomical big dogs in the arches opposite, this is the place to come for people who like options for their weekend decadence - even if you have to rub elbows with hundreds of like-minded flavour crusaders to get them.
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