Weekend Agenda: 11-13 January

Save to Collections
January is really just the Monday of the year. A month-long trudge of paying for past sins whilst also having to deal with the knowledge that you're months away from any significant holiday. But, hey, at least we're half-way through, which puts us at about lunchtime in our Monday metaphor, and lunch is lunch whatever day of the week it is. Go treat yourself to something tasty, you deserve it.
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Stuff to do
January being the birth- and death-month of David Bowie means there's no shortage of tribute parties for the man who fell to earth. But this should be one of the better ones as Rhys Webb's monthly shakedown at Moth Club dedicates itself to the work, the inspirations and the pals of Ziggy Stardust.
It couldn't be further away from shorts weather, but it is certainly shorts season as the LSFF returns for another celebration of the best micro films of the past year. With a program stacked with themed collections, workshops and special events, you should be able to keep those peepers entertained and catch what's hot on the cutting edge of film-making.
This playful recreation of an abandoned swimming pool in disrepair is in fact a scathing critique of gentrification by Scandi duo Elmgreen and Dragset. The installation is accompanied by three galleries of sculpture that look at social and sexual politics from the... ahem... deep end. The show ends on Sunday, so this is your last chance to dive in (sorry).
If you're coming hot off The Favourite you might be interested to see where director Yorgos Lanthimos cut his unsettling, off-kilter teeth. Dogtooth was the film that he made his name with and has all his signature violence, ridiculous plot points and stilted dialogue; its heavy narrative off set by Lanthimos' light storytelling. Catch it at Moth Club on Sunday.
Stuff to eat and drink
Nothing says 'giving up on resolutions' like a Saturday night Indian. But what if we told you that you could also blow your entire month's budget as well?! Yeah, we're all about setting aside long-term goals for short-term gratification. Kutir is the new restaurant from Michelin-star chef Rohit Ghai and it's Indian fine dining at its finest, so let a scrumptious guinea fowl biryani wash away all your hard work as you accept yourself for who you are.
The newest sibling in the El Pastor family is doing all the same fruity, punchy tacos as its older siblings but now in the charming industrial-surrounds of King's Cross. Oysters loaded high with pickled jalapeños; crunchy tostadas of raw tuna; and frozen margz are just what the Dojo ordered to see you through January.
Trinidadian cuisine is a real melting pot of different culinary influences, and this rum shack and restaurant takes full advantage of them. From the rotis and curries of India, to the soy soaked peppers and prawns of China via the akra and salt fish of Creole heritage, Limin' serves up grub from all ends of the Trini spectrum. Along with plenty of rum, of course.
This Soho tearoom and bakery is looking to spice up the classic British teatime with a strong selection of Indian cakes, tarts and puddings along with chai tea and sarnies. Spiced teas, fragrant bakes, and rolls packed with flavoursome chicken and pickled cucumbers all sound a lot more appealing than tea and scones.
Some classics to make you feel good
Give your body a hand with fighting off seasonal ailments with a Turkish bath and some pampering at Ironmonger Row Baths. One of our favourite spots for affordable indulgence, it's got three hot rooms, two saunas, two steam rooms and an ice-cold plunge pool, and costs less than 30 quid for a three-hour spa experience.
It's 2019, the year of our Lord, and we think it might just be the year you get into rock climbing. There's a real sense of accomplishment in looking up at a tall thing that you're certain you can't climb and then climbing it like a goddamn legend and then high-fiving all your bros. The Castle is our favourite place to do it, because it's a castle, duh.
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