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Veganism is here to stay whether you like it or not. Veganism will not accept your condescending tone. It will not make you look five pounds thinner, it will not go better with coke, it will not be televised.

Or maybe it will. All we know is there is some sense to it all, and some real good munching to be had, too. Whether you're a flexitarian, participating in Veganuary, or stay meat-free year round, it's nice to know that you can indulge in your favourite comfort foods without compromising your morals.
Chicken shops are a dime a dozen in London, but there's one that's cornered a fresh angle. House of Hackney (previously House of Seitan), with their vegan fried chicken and classic chip shop sides, completely blew up social media when they opened their doors for hordes of hungry herbivores.

Cheekily situated next to a butcher's shop (and with queues that put that butcher's shop to shame), the seitan "chicken" is mighty tasty, especially when plonked in a sarnie with pickles.
This vegan rastarant (their joke, not ours) has a cult following on the Peckham circuit. Owned by local legend Jahson Peat - who also runs a collection of eclectic African antique shops - Zionly is tucked into Rye Lane Market.

Peat's ethos comes from the Rastafarian mantra 'eat not flesh' and a desire to bring healthy, mindful food to the community in which he was raised. Go for tasty, cheap, locally sourced vegan chow, like curry, dumplings, or miscellaneous and delicious veg.
Based in London Fields, and owned by the enigmatic King Cook, CookDaily is a favourite of grime outfit Boy Better Know with Skepta’s brother JME a regular fixture.

The menu is mostly taken up by creamy Thai curries and gingery noodle dishes, with a few nods to multicultural London: there's a tofu scramble full English, a few Jamaican goodies, a Yoga Fire (turmeric dahl), and a provencal garlicky, herby, truffle oil number too. We've got a lotta time for Cook Daily.
Andu serves up simple and delicious Ethiopian food which also happens to be 100% vegan. It's BYOB, the staff are bloody lovely and it’s damn cheap, too.

We’d recommend grabbing a pal and rolling down to Dalston to try the ‘sampler’, a selection of six dishes served atop injera (sour fermented pancake) or rice - perfect for two to share and yours for only £12.
This burger joint on Brick Lane dishes out all sorts of dutty hangover cures for London's growing vegan population and their curious carnivorous friends.

Check out this pulled jackfruit burger with BBQ sauce and coleslaw. Apparently jackfruit is the future, but if that's not your bag, the fillet-om-phish with battered aubergine, tartar sauce and nori seaweed is a great fish alternative.
This vegan pub puts up a tough guy front, but it’s just a big ol’ softie when it comes down to it. From the same guys behind Deptford mainstay The Waiting Room, The Full Nelson has a similarly animal-free ethos but still serves up artery-clogging fodder that eschews any vegan cliche.

The Colonel Burger - crispy coated "chicken" fillet covered in garlic buffalo sauce with lemon and black pepper mayo - is finger-lickin’ good. And the cocktails, meanwhile, are some of the best we’ve sampled in SE.
Cookies & Scream is basically food porn for all your vegan and gluten-free needs - serving opulent indulgences like peanut butter brownie milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches as well as a range of cakes, pies and cookies. Having made the move from Camden to Holloway Road, they're dominating the treat scene in these parts.

We recommend the espresso shake, a contraption so creamy we genuinely don’t understand how it’s vegan.
One look through the neon pink glow of this two-storey vegan and organic Shoreditch hangout should be enough for you to know if it's for you. The aesthetic is a hot mess of different styles, but at the end of the day, it all kinda works together in its brashness.

The menu is a similar story - a sprawling list of vegan dishes loosely under the umbrella of 'street food' with geographical influences ranging from South America, to the U.S., to India to Asia. Cocktails, kimchi fries, noodles, cashew ice-cream, rich chocolate milkshakes - there’s so much going on here and, while none of it is particularly subtle, it’s mostly all very tasty.
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