The Wellness Tip: 25th February

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'Keeping well' is a pretty broad aim to have, and sometimes we're not sure what it constitutes. Does a Caesar salad count? Are baked beans pulses? Is napping wellness? Reading? What about rock climbing? Skiing? A go on a Bucking Bronco? It's a minefield out there, but we reckon as long as it makes you feel well in mind, body or belly, then it's good enough for us.
Get inside your head at this airy, peaceful haven in hectic Central London. The not-for-profit centre is all about advancing mindful practices in this accelerated age. They offer eight-week mindful meditation courses and day-long workshops to stop your stressin' and jump-start some serene feels. The teachers are lovely and super knowledgeable about all matters of the mind.
Clamber your way to sexy at this expertly named bouldering-only climbing centre in Vauxhall. They've got a 35 degree symmetrical training board, competition wall, traverse wall, circuit board, permaset routes and a campus board. (You know what all those are right? Yeah same.)
This idyllic cafe, hidden away at the top of Gladstone Park, is a beacon of healthy, vibrant light that draws in all the wellnessiers from the surrounding radius. It's a lunchtime-only situation, where you can end your morning run with a plate of something delicious and colourful - things like toasted sourdough piled high with ribbons of cucumber, smoked mackerel, and dill; or roasted golden beets with goats cheese and hazelnuts.
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