The Wellness Tip: 18th February

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If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: to properly enjoy big city culture in London, you need an alignment of good chi between your mind, body and belly. You can only truly appreciate all those exhibitions, plays and 5am Uber Pool debates with a clear head, a full belly and the kind of rock hard abs that would intimidate Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Just take our word for it, alright?
This is one of those integral community gardens that, frankly, should be found in every single neighbourhood. Calthorpe Project is a small green oasis of calm in the heart of King's Cross; a multi-purpose space offering that peace, that tranquility, that sense of community that everyone needs, no matter how big and tough they might make out.
Who said exercise couldn't be fun? Actually it was us, but turns out we were wrong (there's a first time for everything). This immersive art installation is basically a big excuse for grown adults to clamber through a giant interwoven maze of mesh. It looks like a seriously good time and a half hour session should have you working up a healthy sweat. It's only on till the 19th so book asap if you wanna play.
Your wellness goals shouldn't all be based around soups, salads and self-loathing. Treat yourself right and get some baked goods down ya'. Jolene in Newington Green are doing some of the finest in the capital with a focus on ancient grains, milled on-site and baked fresh daily. Pop by and see what's popping - we had an apple and cinnamon muffin the other day and have been in a state of heightened bliss ever since.
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